I WON… and a Pyramid is coming…

It’s so funny how things turn out. Remember this dress?

Vogue 1151 - just can't wear it!

Vogue 1151 – just can’t wear it!

Where I could not decide whether to wear it or not? Well when the Exposed Zipper contest, sponsored by Coats & Clark, popped up on Pattern Review I thought ‘hmmmm, I have something with an exposed zipper I might just enter it’ and then it won! I was always pleased with how the zipper looked and it’s gratifying that all the work that went into making this dress (it’s really nicely finished) paid off! I’m not so pleased with how I’ve got those two bulges on my back – but that’s me pulling my shoulders a little rounder so the zip is more ‘exposed’ *sigh* the things we do for sewing!

I won a Restyling with Exposed Zippers course with Angela Wolf and a pack of fashion zippers from Coats & Clark. I’ve always enjoyed Pattern Review, I think it’s a great resource if you are thinking about making a certain pattern or just cruising the gallery for inspiration. Thank you Pattern Review!

And OMG, I just spotted these Christmas ornaments on Coats & Clark… how cute!!


I won a Pattern Pyramid a little while ago from Made By Trisha. It arrived yesterday – just got to take some pictures of the patterns, write a post and then you can all start jumping up and down and screaming ‘pick me! pick me!.

36 thoughts on “I WON… and a Pyramid is coming…

  1. Congratulations!! The dress looks great on…and love the detail closeups – so beautifully made. Has some time in the ‘magic closet’ helped? I find a bit of time out of sight sometimes helps reconcile me to initially-less-than-enamoured-with creations…

    • Thank you – I’ve got it out a few times but haven’t actually worn it out of the house. I need to play with it with some boots and leggings I think. Just not the weather for it now!

  2. I hope that you decide to give this dress a public outing, it really is swanky- I know how hard it is to change that feeling of textile betrayal when it didnt work as we visualised it, but this is definitely lemonade, not lemons! I cant wait to see that pyramid, sadly Little me, has yet to win one…sniff

  3. I saw that you won on PR! Congrats! You should be very proud. I think you may get inspired to wear that dress. Maybe on a special night?

  4. Congratulations! Your dress is awesome! I swear I’ve never won anything in my life. Not even at my first grade ice cream social…yeah, still remember that:) Well deserved!

      • It’s a like a mini carnival that revolves around ice cream. Games with prizes etc. It’s very America circa 1940ish. My brother (who was in preschool) won 4 prizes that day. Me, zilch. I like to think that I’m saving up my luck and someday I’ll win the Powerball lottery πŸ™‚

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