Sew Blah Lizzy aka VOGUE 1224

Vogue 1224 - not feeling the love

Vogue 1224 – not feeling the love

OK I don’t hate Vogue 1224, in fact I’ve worn it a few times.

It’s comfortable. I’ve worn it a few times. I really like the fact the skirt is lined. I could eat three lamb roasts (with vegetables) and still have room to move in it.

Do I love it?

No. It just feels ‘blah’. Ordinary. Everyday. And I have nicer dresses that are ‘everyday’ that look a lot better and flatter me more.

This was rated as one of the Best Patterns of 2011 by Pattern Review. Now I’ve made a couple of these patterns (here and here) and love them. This I don’t love. We don’t even feel like acquaintances.

Things I’ve learnt

  1. Elastic waists are not my ‘thing’. I have to wear a belt with this dress to escape the potato sack look – I’m sure that look will be in fashion one day – but not in my world.
  2. I’m not 100% confident that stretch dresses are my ‘thing’ either – shame as they are comfortable in that tracky dak (tracksuit pant) kinda way.
  3. The Peasant Girl gathered neckline with flappy sleeves is not ringing my bell – which is quite a relief as I think I’m more suited to the Lady of the Manor lifestyle.
Vogue 1224

Vogue 1224 – I think 1224 is code for blah. You can tell I’m loving it in this picture… can’t you?

Not much to say about this one. I’m not saying it’s a bad pattern – to be honest it is great fun to sew. I feel like a little twig in this number with my stick arms blowin’ in the breeze. There are benefits to being lean but there are bootilicious-lacking pitfalls as well.

I added an inch to the hemline because I’d read it was a little saucy in the length department. Maybe a saucier length might have saved it.

I used a double needle for the first time. I thought they were complicated for some weird reason. I just watched some YouTube and realised that double-threading your sewing machine is not rocket science after all. Doh! I am no longer put off hemming stretch tops. That’s an excellent outcome.

Oh well I might just have to wear it to the beach… because I do have the lifestyle for plenty of those sorts of dresses…

Vogue 1224 - nothing flash

Vogue 1224 – nothing flash

Vogue 1224 - back view

Vogue 1224 – back view. Yes, definitely needs a belt.

Vogue 1224 - no belt

Vogue 1224 – I simply don’t like this dress without a belt to define my waist. I feel like a little sack of spuds…. I think the whippet has just done a ‘wheelie’ around me at this point and splashed me!

I like my lemon Peony more, it’s just as comfortable as I did’t take it in to fit like a glove. I prefer to wear wovens. Maybe silk jersey is better šŸ™‚ however I’m not getting that in my neighbourhood. This is some plastic-feeling concoction. I do like the stretch net skirt lining – comfortable!!

I’ve had this urge to make swimwear lately. However I think they would make me feel even more blah so I’m heading back to the sewing room to finish some trousers (which I am loving Maria!) and a Sewaholic Alma blouse that has me all a-flutter… and sitting here blogging about a pattern I’m not mad about is not getting those finished.

Thanks for all your feedback about my slightly wacky apron photos. It was great fun and I even won the Apronalong giveaway. Hooray! Thank you Karen šŸ™‚

Oh… I’ve had an overdose of reality lately and thank you to those who have been so lovely xox perhaps recent events and just feeling weary is contributing to my blah response to this dress…

No I think it’s just blah…

70 thoughts on “Sew Blah Lizzy aka VOGUE 1224

  1. If it’s any consolation, you do look good in this dress. But if you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it! It does look better (IMHO) with the belt and the print is lovely! Can’t wait to see your Alma and the trews your making for Maria. Big hugs too, I hope that reality has started to be kinder to you.

  2. There are some poly knits that feel pretty yucky. Maybe that’s the case here. The more I sew, the more particular I am becoming about knits. It looks very nice on you. Maybe it should go in the magic closet for a while! Sometimes that helps me see things in a new light.

  3. I think you have made so many really “bomb” dresses that you can’t really get into your very plain creations. Nothing wrong with that! This looks like a perfectly good dress, and you look good in it, but it’s plain compared to your Cambies! Maybe that’s the problem. I am in a blah period myself, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

  4. For starters, you’re adorable. Your lean frame looks lovely in a dress. When I’ve been unhappy with something I’ve sewn but still like the fabric, I turn it into something new. I turned a blah dress into a favorite pair of shorts one year and got tons of mileage out of them. Maybe you could refashion this into a skirt. Another thought is to alter the sleeves. You could add reverse pleats for a more tailored look, or you could gather the fabric up toward the shoulder (sew a track of seem binding and add pretty ties).

    We all want to feel good in our clothes, so no matter what others say, you need to feel great.

    • You are right, something just feel right and others not so much. I think I will just use it as a ‘house dress’, it comfy I just feel rather shapeless in it – however I’m sure the whippet won’t notice!
      Thank you for your lovely comments šŸ™‚

  5. That fabric is amazing! I’m kind of like you though. I love knit dresses in theory, but not so much in practice. Somehow a knit dress with an elastic waist makes me feel like I look pregnant, whether I actually do or not. I guess pregnancy is too recent in my past for anything that reminds me even slightly of what I wore while pregnant. And if you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it! You have too many adorable woven dresses to spend much time in something that doesn’t make you feel cute and sassy!

  6. This looks cute on you and not potato sack-y at all! I love the print! But I’m not always a fan of print dresses, either. They can be loose and dumpy, or tight and skanky– Yuck!

    • The print is cute and it’s what made me to decide to make the dress. I wish I’d bought Vogue 1250 even then I’m doubting that my inner knit goddess will emerge! Thanks Ginger x

  7. Oh what a shame! It looks great to me. If you don’t like it then that’s ok! Gotta try these things out. Turn that frown upside down and make something new using your awesome new knit skills!

    • I think I’m a knit tshirt & tunic girl but not dresses – got to learn somehow! I feel much happier about chopping up my precious Sydney The Fabric Shop purchases now! Double needles are so much fun – frightening addictive!

  8. I have this pattern as well but have been worried about the potato effect hence it remains unmade. I was considering making it into a top though! Don’t write off all knit dresses because if one bad apple. I like cotton Lycra to work with because of its stability and really don’t like synthetics but do use them on occasion.

    • I made the fatal mistake of falling in love with the print! and I’m soooo annoyed I didn’t buy 1250!!! I’m a complete idiot. I’m going to try this in a very soft woven with a slightly wider skirt I think.

  9. you do look lovely and I think you can carry off this dark blue colour too. šŸ™‚ But if you are not feeling it then that is a shame but you learnt a new skill using twin needles! yay! šŸ™‚
    We are having a “blah” phase in my house too so I have thrown myself into making things to try and escape reality. But it will get better again for all of us I am sure. HUGS from one island to another. šŸ™‚ I do love your other vogues you linked to as well!

    • Thanks so much Kim. What is it with the world? Everyone seems ‘blah’ which is a bit sad šŸ˜¦ I’ve been happy that I have sewing to pre-occupy me at nights. I love your Alma cute as! Hugs to you too, I hope I get to meet you in 2013!

      • šŸ™‚ that would be awesome! šŸ˜€ and I am sure it can be organised! šŸ˜› I am so looking forward to 2013 already. I never normally get excited about the next year but this one is not exactly ending on a high note that I am ready for new adventures next year. šŸ™‚ hope you can find some comfort in your creations and from your family. šŸ™‚

  10. There’s definitely something to be said for comfy clothes… but I think you right, that wovens can be comfy too! For some reason, i love knit dresses in winter over leggings or tights, but NEVER wear them in summer. At least you made something cute and wearable, even if it isn’t your fav! šŸ™‚

    • I think this is going to be my new ‘house dress’ for after work and around the house. I agree, I prefer knits in winter, summer is just too humid for anything but natural woven fabrics.

  11. This is no-where close to the blah you are feeling for this dress – I think it looks really nice. However I understand if you are just not feeling it, perhaps you could refashion into something else?

  12. Mmmmmm, I actually like the fabric design. Kind of abstract, tye-dye looking. Since you have such a small frame, it is fun to wear fitted….I know I’d be showing off my figure if it looked like yours. Not sure if you could serge it smaller in spots? I think it’s a great little outfit for a day of running around, won’t wrinkle. I love your smiley picture šŸ™‚

  13. I don’t think you look like a “sack of spuds” at all! But I do know what you mean about feeling that way–if I FEEL a bit blimpish, then no amount of friendly disagreement will persuade me otherwise šŸ™‚
    And I agree about the elastic waist–I’ve never met one that I liked.

  14. You look great in the dress- yes, it looks comfy and casual but that can be good sometimes? Nice work- and I will have to put that on my list- sewing with a double needle!

  15. I’m just impressed you actually finished sewing a pattern you weren’t in love with to start with. If I so much as try something on, look in the mirror and see that I couldn’t possible fall in love with it, then it ain’t gunna get sewn by me. Straight to the pile of rags my boyfriend uses to wipe the grease and worm-guts off his road bike it goes. That said, I do thank you for alerting me to this pattern. I have a favourite knit nightie with a neckline and arms almost identical to this that I’ve been wanting to replicate… V1224 will do just the trick. In the mean time, enjoy sewing up the things you can get excited about finishing and wearing!

    • I am kicking myself for not buying Vogue 1250 instead.
      I’m not such a hero for finishing it, I became addicted to the twin needle and it was quite fun to put together – just disappointing on! It would make a nice nightie. I’m also thinking if you widened the skirt a little and made it in a voile it could be much nicer… so many things to sew though. I’m going to make something more ‘my style’ next!
      LOVED your last dress – gorgeous.

  16. First up I really like the fabric. And I get you 100% when you just aren’t “feeling” an outfit. It’s like you know what suits your body and if it ain’t it, it ain’t it! I’ve got a couple store bought dresses with the elastic waist and they aren’t my favourite unless I’ve got a belt to hold it in place. It always rides up and never stays on my hips which is where I prefer things to sit.
    Hopefully you can salvage the dress and change it to something else. šŸ™‚

    • The fabric is an amazing print, I love the brush stroke effect – and the blue and black together. I think knit dresses and I are not long-term partners – well not for now anyway!
      I think overall the style and the feel of the fabric makes it just feel like something I could have purchased at a cheap clothing store. It feels like a quick and easy manufactured dress… which doesn’t make it bad – it’s certainly comfortable but I wouldn’t wear it anywhere socially.

  17. Like many of the other commenters, I think that it looks great! But what is important is how you feel wearing it. I’m doing the opposite to you – I’m getting more and more drawn to knit fabrics and looser silhouettes (but that is possibly because I’ve put on weight and feel physically uncomfortable in fitted and many wovens at the moment). Even if other people like the look, you have to feel it yourself. At least it might get some wear when you are feeling “tracky”-ish!

    • I love waistbands, belts and structured dresses. I guess that is what I’m used to wearing to work, they elongate me (rather short!) I’d rather have a belt on than an elastic waist. That said I love a good tunic. We are funny creatures – so picky!
      I think it’s just a lounge around the house dress – great for a tired night after a long day at work.

  18. Lizzy! I really like the dress! But I do like delish tracky dack knits… Maybe you could make a belt out of the same fabric to wrap around it? I’ve been contemplating swimwear too, but I am paranoid that it would fall apart and I’d be starkers in public – and nooobody wants to see that!! šŸ˜‰ Oh yeah, and enough with the stunning beach pics, I am ridiculously jealous!!!! ;p

    • Swimwear would be a great challenge – but given my hatred of buying them I can’t see that sewing them is going to result in great joy. And of course I’m tempted to make a retro style ruched frilly pair… because… well why not?? LOL Sorry about the beach pictures. I’ve only photographed two – I have five more to choose from…

  19. I think it looks like a great casual dress for summer around the house and at the beach – something you pull on at a moment’s notice and look more than just presentable. Yeah, general feeling of blahness everywhere at the mo, I think. I hope the sunshine chases your blues away.

  20. can i throw my hands up for a “you rock this dress” as well? the color is magnificent! though, i totally understand feeling good in something, and i agree on elastic waists. they should go the way of facings, in my book.

    • Elastic waists and facings get thee to the land of Never Never! Horrendous things, at least an elastic waist is easy to construct, whereas facings can be nasty to attach and then spend their careers flapping and flipping out and causing wardrobe malfunctions…

  21. It happens to all of us. Somethings are better than others. If you don’t love it, give it away to someone who will. Feeling good, if not great, in what you wear is essential to looking your best.

  22. I think your dress is quite beautiful, easy and summery; but I know what it’s like to just not love a project when you’re done (even though everyone else seems to!). But, I’ve learned to embrace these projects with open arms because they always teach me something about myself and my tastes and what I’m comfortable in. It’s just another step to self knowledge and refinement of the wardrobe. So, congrats! šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Kat & you are absolutely right. I was only thinking today how helpful blogging has been to better define my taste and style – and the shapes I like on me. I think the process of creating, writing and photographing outfits helps with that critical appraisal process.
      This project has helped me realise… a peasant I am not šŸ™‚

      • Haha…yeah, I tried to do the whole Gertie 50s kitch thing…and Gertie I am not either šŸ˜› I must say it’s nice to find and accept your own style and just be happy with who you are šŸ™‚

        • I don’t think I’m a rockabilly chick that’s for sure. However I do like elements. I guess it’s just because a colour is in style you don’t deck yourself out from head to toe for the season in it – but you might wear a scarf or a belt. I love personalising trends, it’s way more fun.

  23. Miss Lizzy, this is a super cute frock! The colour is fab and I do like it with the belt- it gives it some nice waist definition! In saying that, could it be that it may not be your style so that is why you’re not loving it? I say go sew another Cambie- that’ll fix you right up! ;D

    • As always, brilliant advice! I was only thinking last night I needed to make my pretty skull Cambie. I’m wearing one today!
      You are dead right. It’s a nice enough frock but just not ‘my thing’ Cambies are my one true love. It’s spoilt me for anything else!!

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