APRONS Ruffle Kerfuffle and Strawberry Fields Forever. Butterick 5474

We were in Sydney this weekend (husband riding the Sydney to Gong Charity Bike Ride for MS). We spent the day in Sydney CBD and my husband suggested we take the apron blog photos in a very scenic and recognisable Sydney location – why not!

Before the apron photos (yes, yes be patient) I did start out with good intentions of doing the Did You Make That? Apronalong properly.

I purchased Butterick 4087, I cut out the pattern pieces, I intended to follow each Apronalong post as diligently as I had followed Sunni’s 1880 Sewalong earlier this year… then I purchased another apron pattern! *sigh* I’m hopeless.

My main reason for deviating from my good intentions? Waist-aprons are not sufficient protection for my work clothes. The bib apron of Butterick 4087 fairly terrified me with its gigantic ruffles. Yes, yes I could have designed my own… then I fell in love… with Butterick 5474.

Butterick 5474 - aprons!

Butterick 5474 – aprons!

Yes, I totally agree, the lobster print is to die for! A high fashion apron!! Does it make you think of this!

I could find any lobster prints alas despite my seaside location… fortunately I fell in love with a cherry quilting cotton… and the Ruffle Kerfuffle was born…

I loved the back background of this print and played it up with a red polka dot and black.white striped contrast fabrics.

Ruffle Kerfuffle Apron

Butterick B5474, view C: The Ruffle Kerfuffle

Butterick B5474, view C: The Ruffle Kerfuffle. Oh yeah, and that’s the Sydney Opera House in the background… concentrate on the apron people!

Excellent instructions – no complaints!

I did made a few changes of course…

  1. I found when I attached the skirt ruffle that the ruffle raw edge looked rather messy. Yes, it was at the back of the apron skirt but it annoyed me. So I cut a strip from my contrast black/white stripe fabric and stitched that over the raw edges. It’s not perfect but it is much nicer than a ruffle’s raw edge.

    Butterick 5474, view C: Ruffle Kerfuffle, covering the skirt ruffle raw edges.

    Butterick 5474, view C: Ruffle Kerfuffle, covering the skirt ruffle raw edges.

  2. I bias cut the black/white stripe contrast fabric for one of the pockets – simply because I like the geometric contrast against the black/white strip ruffle on the second pocket. Purely cosmetic! I also added a row of machine embroidery across the top of the red contrast pocket.
  3. I discovered post-construction that the pockets tended to gape a little, I think due to the skirt gathers. To cure this I created tiny inverted pleats in the centre of each pocket. I then topped each pleat with a contrasting button… because there is no such thing as too much trim!

    B5474, view C. Ruffle Kerfuffle pockets

    B5474, view C. Ruffle Kerfuffle pockets. Added some tiny inverted pleats to counteract gape and topped them with a button.

  4. I also attached the pockets in such a way that they are two separate pockets, if you attach them the way the instructions state you end up with the top pocket flowing through into the lower pocket. Weird.
  5. I interfaced the waistband. I think this helps the apron sit better and crease less around the waist. I guess it doesn’t matter for an apron but I felt happier about the end result.

If you need to practice gathering or love a good ruffle, then this is the apron pattern for you. Personally I like the crossover bodice, it walks a fine line between apron and dress (minus the obvious fact it doesn’t have a back of course – could be great hospital wear). It’s retro and super cute.

I fully expected to love the Ruffle Kerfuffle the most, however I am a bad stitcher and I think I have a favourite…

Strawberry Fields Forever

Butterick B5474, view E: Strawberry Fields Forever

Butterick B5474, view E: Strawberry Fields Forever. Oh and that? In the background? That’s The Coathanger – also known as Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Again – great pattern. Good instructions.

Check out that Peter Pan collar. I know… I’m still going squee too!

I couldn’t resist the strawberry fabric. I adore blue and the strawberries just seemed so wholesome! Paired with the red gingham I almost smell my raspberry buttermilk muffins cooking…

B5474, view E. The Strawberry Fields Forever piped collar and machine embroidered button placket

B5474, view E. The Strawberry Fields Forever piped collar and machine embroidered button placket

I piped the collar – it’s my latest trimming obsession and I love how it subtly sets off the collar. This pattern would also look fabulous with a contrast collar I think…. hmmm another apron is bubbling away in my brain already!

The buttons are purely decorative so there are no buttonholes to fret over. I thought it looked a little bare so I ran a row of machine embroidery flowers behind the button placement. It secures the apron bib beautifully and looks totally cute! Squee!!

The underskirt has a stack of gorgeous side pleats and the overskirt/apron has four inverted pleats. Very easy and very effective, I rather like the pleats in comparison to the gathers.

B5474, view E. Strawberry Fields Forever pleated underskirt

B5474, view E. Strawberry Fields Forever pleated underskirt

I had some cotton lace trim in the stash so I chuck this onto the apron waistline.

The one shortcoming of this pattern with no alterations is the lack of a pocket – I need somewhere to put my phone or pincushion and scissors when running about the house! I love the apron how it is, so I might sneak one on the apron’s underskirt so I don’t change the existing appearance.

Strawberry Fields Forever is also the family favourite – fortunately this is not an episode of Australia’s Got Talent so they are both staying!

Doesn't everyone wear aprons when sightseeing?

Doesn’t everyone wear aprons when sightseeing? LOL.B5474, view E. A little crumpled from being stuffed in my shoulder bag all day!


I never expected to like making aprons!! I’m in love! Mind you, I am still amused that the Big 4 dedicate an entire section to Aprons in their catalogues. Why???

The Ruffle Kerfuffle was the easiest, other than an epic amount of gathering it was very easy to put together. It’s OTT but in a cute way.

Strawberry Fields Forever was a little trickier because of the collar but probably quicker to put together. Less pieces to cut as well.

What I love about these aprons is how they feel like an outfit in themselves. They are definitely a conversation piece… which might be a good distraction if I ever have a kitchen cooking disaster for guests…

Now… who else needs an apron??? I want to make more!!!

Thank you Karen for the inspiration to make something completely different! Check out the Apronalong Festival going on over on the Did You Make That? blog.

Vogue 1247… again

Oh and I didn’t spend the entire day looking like a complete fruitcake. I wore my Vogue 1247 outfit – and was stopped in The Fabric Store by a customer wanting to know if I had made the top and where did I get the gorgeous fabric? (errrr, Lincraft!). I did super indulge myself at The Fabric Store – it is divine…

Vogue 1247 on apron day

What I really wore all day… Vogue 1247 top and skirt…

The second highlight was the Japanese tourist taking also pictures of me posing at Circular Quay in my aprons – how funny is that!

Location: Circular Quay – a gorgeous part of Sydney, you hop off the city train and BOOM you are smack bang in the middle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, waterside in the city – oh and there is the beautiful Museum of Contemporary Art as well – perhaps that’s another photo shoot… Gorgeous! It would have been nice to have some more sunshine but you can’t have it all 🙂

58 thoughts on “APRONS Ruffle Kerfuffle and Strawberry Fields Forever. Butterick 5474

  1. Those aprons are both super cute! You could (almost) get away with wearing them out of the kitchen, not sure about with boots though and of course with the back missing – perhaps in a different part of Sydney? 😉

  2. Wow! What great Sewing projects you have notched up. How adorable is that gingham with Peter-pan collar? – much too cute to wear cooking at home in the kitchen. Glad it had its first outing in such an auspicious location

    • It was a mad thing to do – I attracted a lot of weird looks but it was just too good an opportunity to miss. I adore the Peter Pan collar, it makes for such a great neckline. Thank you 🙂

  3. I always love your photos Lizzy, it’s like a travel log with neat sewing projects happening. I think the ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ is so cute…I would totally make it part of an outfit, with the boots over a sundress, that might be the next fad.

    • Thank you – I’ve kind of decided that I’m not a sewing guru, so for the time being master posts about techniques are not really my thing. However photos and styling I’m quite comfortable posting about on my blog. I always think that looking good is about how you wear your clothes more so than what you wear, if that makes sense?

  4. Oh wow! That might be the first ever apron pattern I’ve seen and wanted to buy with a passion!! Peter Pan collar?!? Ruffles and cross over bodice!? Swoon! And you’ve chosen such perfect fabrics too. Thank you for enlightening me!! And great locations for the pics!! Aprons outside in public ! In a tourist spot! Nice style!

    • Thanks Winnie – I was thinking of you when sewing them. I thought ‘Winnie would be putting more trim on this!’ but I resisted with the Ruffle Kerfuffle as I think the cherry print is enough with the strong contrasting fabrics. I did unleash the Trimming Beast with some piping and whatnot with Strawberry Fields.
      It’s an ace pattern – everything in the pack is adorable and has lots of potential. I will be making more – certainly worth the price!
      Taking the photos was great fun – sometimes it’s fun to be a little kooky in public LOL.

    • I wasn’t that keen on making an apron but thought ‘eh, it’s something different’ I’m so gald I did, this pattern and all it’s options are so much fun to sew – spoil yourself with a copy, it’s a great sewing project!

  5. Love, love, LOVE. I just adore the photo of you strolling through the city, past strangers, just wearing … an apron!!! You go, girl. Oh, and you’ve made one of my favourite Vogue tops, too. Thank you so much for taking part.

    • Thanks for popping by! I always get compliments in my Vogue 1247 top, best pattern ever.
      I had fun taking the photos, in fact the entire project from start to finish was just FUN! Just what sewing should be.

  6. A great post, Lizzy! Cute aprons and creatively photographed! Would you believe I once had an apron business? I reproduced works of art on aprons and sold them to art museum gift shops. If only I had thought to model them like you have!!!!!!

  7. Both your aprons turned super cute! You have a way of making me want to make things I don’t want to make 😀
    Great fabric combinations, and nothing I could add about the photos – love them!

    • To be honest I wasn’t sure I wanted to make an apron either. However you can’t overtrim an apron so it makes a fun sewing project – and it doesn’t matter how kooky it is, it’s wearable because its just an apron… right? 🙂

  8. Love the aprons you put together… Now I am just going to HAVE to make a few along with all the other projects I have. Hmmm- I just KNOW I have some suitable fabrics in my stash! 😉

    • I think that’s the grand thing about these sorts of projects, you can pop all sorts of prints and fabrics together – and have fun. A good stash busting project and even if its a visual disaster – just cook something messy and cover it with grease 🙂

  9. You’re hilarious! I love that those Aussie icons play second fiddle to your aprons, and so they should, those aprons are rather fabulous. i purchased that Vogue pattern after seeing so many great versions blog surfing, but I think your patterned version of the top has just kicked it a bit higher up my ‘to sew’ list.

    • Tourism NSW won’t be happy with me then! LOL, thank you.
      The Vogue 1247 top is gorgeous, I get so many compliments when I wear it, even from non-stitchers. It’s a rayon/cotton blend, very drapey, feels delicious. I adore the 1247 top & skirt they are worn the most items in my wardrobe. Easy to wear & flattering. Highly recommend making them up… many times!

  10. these aprons are classy and stylish and practical! wow! i am in awe! 😀 soooooo coooool! 😀
    Love that you took pics just in the streets too! amazing!

  11. Your aprons are awesome (my favourite is the ruffle kerfuffle with it’s double pocket) and I love the fact that you took the pictures on Sydney Harbour. I lived in Sidney for a year a million moons ago and I always dais I would go back. Sadly, it hasn’t happened yet but I can live vicariously through your apronalong photos 🙂

    • Sydney Harbour is stunning. I flew out of Sydney early October and was, as always, stunned by the sheer size of it.
      I was born in Sydney and lived there for most of my early childhood and returned for many years after I finished school. I still adore Circular Quay it’s a magical place, so Sydney & so beautiful.

  12. Oh wow. You look absolutely stunning. Loving the boots with the ’50’s look apron!!! And I wouldn’t complain if you sent an apron my way, should you feel the need to make more…. 🙂

    • Thanks Maria, it would have been nice to have some more sunshine but you can’t have everything! I like the contrast of the tough-looking boots with the girliness of the aprons too.
      I do feel the need to make more, so you never know your luck!

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    • Thank you – the strong contrasts of this apron are stunning. Such a shame it wasn’t a sunny day with a blue sky so the sails of the opera house stood out a little more! Alas – many next time 🙂

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  15. Holy cow, these are ADORABLE!! And I’m extra glad you posted this because I really want to make my sister an apron for Christmas and was looking for a cute pattern–this is perfect 🙂

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      • It’s been a few years since you posted this. But do you remember the waistband? Did you have issues with it? I’m wracking my brain!! I cut it all correct but by waistband and the two apron pieces don’t match with the notches.

        • 🤔 are you making the apron with the collar or the crossover bodice? And is it the skirt or bodice that isn’t matching to the waistband?
          I tended to write quite long posts so if I’d had an issue I’m sure I would have written about it.
          So… I’d check construction elements… maybe it’s the gathers, pleats or crossover parts that are the issue? Have you crossed the bodice pieces correctly? Overlapped the button front enough? Can you pull in the skirt gathers more? Or are your pleats correct?

          • Lol! I’m making apron E, your strawberry one. I think it’s my pleats, honestly. But the look awesome!!!! Anyway! I guess I’ll just have to adjust it some how. (Me pounding my head to a wall!). Lol! I’ll get it! I’m skipping over that and when I’m done with my bodice I’ll go back. Trying to get it done by Friday! And be a mom, and work 8 hours, and sleep! Not closing my rings this week! Lol

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