WIGGLIN’ along

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m wigglin’ along quite nicely… so far… fingers crossed…

Gertie's Butterick 5814 - pattern and fabric

Gertie’s Butterick 5814 – pattern and fabric

This dress has not only lining and boning – the skirt is underlined. I’m learning lots of new things as I go along (like making sure I read the instructions before stitching – seems like a simple concept but I’m sure you struggle as much as me with that!!). So far I think Gertie’s done a great job with the instructions and everything is fitting together beautifully.

I’m only 18 steps into the 54 steps of instructions. Here’s the bodice front…

Butterick 5814: the bodice

Butterick 5814: the bodice. Progress shot, this is just the bodice front….

I was a bit stumped on the bodice boning but figured it out. I was thinking that some shots of attaching the boning might be helpful to some people?? Or does everyone know how to do that? This was a ‘newbie’ skill for me but once I got the hang of it, I was slammin’ down that bonin’ in no time ma’am. There are two pieces of boning in the front and four in the back of the bodice so I got a bit of practice and it ended up v.neat.

Tonight I attached the bodice sides to the bodice front… and started to underline the skirt pieces…

Butterick 5814: WIP

Butterick 5814: WIP. Bodice with the side attached. I have hopped ahead a few steps and started underlining the skirt pieces. Need to trim the boning back as well…

Next I need to slip stitch in bodice lining side seams in place.


Today I reached 100 blog followers – thank you 🙂 I’ve done several little happy dances tonight (the dog was only slightly amused at my antics).

My family is away but ELH, being the ever-lovin’ husband that he is, thought I might make it to 100 followers while they were away… so when I sent a message to him to let him know I had achieved the 100th follower goal (which was another Busy Lizzie (with an ‘ie’ and she lives in Brissy – and even funnier, she set up her blog just a couple of weeks after I set up mine in April – how is that for freaky – so you better go and check her out too!)… he immediately sent me back a message…

He instructed me to go and look in the fridge on the bottom shelf at the back and I found this…

Moet - celebrating 100 blog followers!

Moet – celebrating 100 blog followers!

Gotta love a man like that 🙂 xxooxx

So I better pack my bags as I am off to Tasmania for the weekend to see the lovely ELH and my gorgeous little poppets tomorrow afternoon. There will be no more wigglin’ this weekend however my daughter has been making a Halloween outfit in Tasmania and apparently I am not allowed to sit down and watch the ‘really good movie’ that I sent down for the girls to watch (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) until I attach the sleeves for them.

But I might find some time to read a bit of this.. it arrived today – thank you gorgeous Kat of All the Whimsical Things.

Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing

Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing – I’m so intrigued by Gertie and her achievements – and interested to try some of her patterns and see what might work on this non-Wiggle, I do adore ‘girly’ clothes.

Kat tweeted she had accidentally ordered two… so I offered to purchase her ‘oops’ book, she even popped a reel of thread in the envelope. Thanks Kat! This book seems to be everywhere!! I had to get the post office to search for it – they claimed it had been delivered…. yeah right! Some postal worker must have been out the back ogling the gorgeous dresses, layout and fabrics!! LOL

Sewing – it’s the most wonderful little hobby niche filled with the most amazing people.

Talk soon xx

42 thoughts on “WIGGLIN’ along

  1. Wow, your dress is coming along so beautifully and you’re very brave to attempt the boning! Congratulations too on reaching 100 followers, your husband is sooooo nice…big brownie points for him!!!

  2. Your husband, what a GUY! How thoughtful and sweet. And, don’t start doing that negative talk this soon into that dress. It is going to be gorgeous! Have a great trip to Tasmania, hope you have had time to re-charge your batteries a bit while alone.

  3. Congrats on 100 followers! I’m excited to see how your dress comes out. I actually did my first bodice boning on my Wonder Woman dress from Gertie’s patterns. I have to say I love how it works on the bodice. Love it!

    And I’m loving that your hubby left you a present…and that he was a boy scout…and that your dad was scout master…oh, my!

  4. Wow. Congrats on your followers!!! Well-deserved. You’re such a positive presence out here in SewingBlogLand. We’re lucky to have you!! (And your hubby is a doll.)
    Your Gertie Butterick is going to be a stunner!! I have the pattern, but it’s not even in my queue right now. Maybe yours will make me move it onto the pile.
    As for the Gertie book, I have it but have barely had the chance to crack it open. I’m leaning towards her brocade dress. Just got the fabric for it yesterday.
    Congrats again. Have a great getaway!

    • Thanks Shelley x
      ELH is a lovely bloke – maybe I should make him a fishing vest… perhaps not with the rose braid though LOL.
      I didn’t plan to make this dress so soon but when I saw those red polka dots I thought ‘wiggle!!’.
      I haven’t cracked up the book. I’m saving it for my trip. I’ll try to have some degree of self-control as I plan in making the Anise jacket next. I love sewalongs…

  5. Isn’t that so sweet of hubby ! It looks as though you are really getting to grips with the boning, I’ll know whom to ask when i get stuck with mine! I have fabric envy . .loooove polka dots. enjoy your weekend.

  6. You have a lovely H. Well done on 100, I’m glad that I was one of the number that got you there. Good of you for attempting the dress. Your workmanship looks so good already, I’m sure it will be beautiful. I doubt I’ll ever do something like it. I still don’t know the difference between a lining and an underlining…

    • I get the opportunity to wear fancy dresses more than most so it’s not too much of an indulgence… I hope.
      I’d never heard of the difference between lining & underlining until I started sewing again. In a nutshell, lining floats free, helps your dress/skirt sit nicely so the shell doesn’t cling to lumps and bumps. Underlining is when you baste the shell to another fabric and then treat them as one, ie the skirt of this dress when I stitch the darts, i sew through both layers at once. It provides structure and is a good solution to see-through fabrics. I could go on & on but I think that makes sense. Doesn’t it? 🙂
      Thanks for following! I read everybody’s blog that follows mine – which keeps me very busy! x

  7. Congrats on the 100 followers! Happy to be one of them and your husband is adorable for thinking ahead. The dress is coming along as well! You have a lot to celebrate.

    • It’s covered plastic boning. The pattern calls for covered boning and that’s all I could find locally.
      I think I’ll search for fancier stuff on a Sydney trip one day… whenever that next is

  8. Well done on 100 followers – glad I could help!! 🙂 The dress looks promising, this is in my not sure whether to make or not list, I love it, but not sure about the wide shoulders, I really need to wear a bra preferably with straps! I will be interested to see your FO to see if this will be possible

    • It has a similar neckline to my favourite black dress, although I don’t think my dress is quite that wide. So I’m curious too. At any rate, it’s been fascinating to make so far, I love trying something a little bit different!

  9. Holy, Lizzy I’m really impressed that you’ve taken on this project, Bravo it’s looking great. I hope you have a fantastic event in the wings for the premier outing. Cheers on 100 following, how sweet is your lovely fellow. Have a safe and happy trip.

  10. Ooooo…I have that Gertie pattern too, but I’ve been holding off because I’m so intimidated by some of the instructions – eep! I’m loving your version so far – it’s going to be stunning in that fabric! I can’t wait to see your finished version, and many congratulations on 100 followers!

    • I was fairly terrified by the length of the instructions but it’s been ok so far. There might be 50+ steps but they certainly help you get through a fairly detailed dress. I’m super impressed with my bodice lining… if I don’t say so myself 😉

  11. I cannot wait to see this dress. The pattern is gorgeous and your fabric is spectacular!! Congrats on 100 followers – and what a lovely husband you have. I’ll have to leave this post up on my computer and hope that someone else around here reads it and walks away with some ideas 😉

    • I’m excited too! I should have made a muslin – however I got the spots on sale so it’s kinda of a muslin… I’m just hoping it fits, I’m rather a bore and most things fit out of package with just the seams being run in a bit.
      I should get my husband to run some lessons!

  12. This dress is most definitely looking spotty-taffeta-licious, the perfect combination IMO. I saw this fabric in Spotlight and touched it a million times, quite strange I know, but my stash has reached epidemic proportions so for my sanity (and purse) it was left on the shelf. I deliberated for ages over the pattern as it looks to be quite a time consuming process, so am very intrigued to follow your journey. Congratulations on reaching your 100th follower too.

    • It is pretty fiddly but not as bad as I thought. The fit isn’t great at the moment but I think I can do some dodgy modifications and get away with it.
      I love this fabric too – I stopped myself buying some more today!

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