Pattern Review


If you have ever wanted to know more about little old me, I’m the member in focus over on Pattern Review.

They asked to post my interview with Maria and for a bio. So pop over and have a look 🙂

And given that you now know I manage websites… I really should make some time to clean up my blog! LOL, it just impacts on my sewing time!!

Still in Tasmania. It’s a little cold…


23 thoughts on “Pattern Review

  1. that’s so awesome! really liked the interview! by the way I gave you the “liebster blog” award 😛 (favourite blog in german) 😀

          • wow! sounds amazing! I grew up in a place in germany which was so flat that the saying was “you can see wednesday who is coming for tea on sunday”. not sure if that translates well. but mountainous areas fascinate me now! are you skiing and stuff?

          • LOL I used to holiday on my aunt’s farm in south-western Queensland and it was flat like that! No skiing but the kids made snowmen and we had a snowball fight this afternoon. I think it will be gone tomorrow.
            I’ve always lived in warm places – i’d never seen a frost til I was 17!

  2. Congratulations!
    Brrr, hope you are coping with the cold. I never even saw snow until I was 27, when we went to Melbs for a holiday! Snow is non existent in WA!

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