I’ve been sewing madly to get up-to-date with Sunni’s Simplicity 1880 sewalong.Shirtdress-Sewalong-Button

While I thought I would just plough through the instructions in my own way – I decided to actually get the point of the sewalong and well sew-along!

The results have been great, I’ve learnt some new tricks and my sewing is improving. I inserted the sleeve as per Sunni’s instructions – rather than sewing the sleeve seam and the bodice seam and then setting in the sleeve… you set in the sleeve flat – that is before you sew up the bodice side seam. You ease in the sleeve and sew it in to the notches – than sew up the sleeve seam, the bodice seam and then sew in the last bit of the sleeve under the arm.

Yes exactly – what??? Go and check out Sunni’s instructions – they are great.

I’m waiting on the collar instructions next!

SIMPLICITY 1880 - WIP perfect sleeve!

SIMPLICITY 1880 – WIP perfect sleeve!

So I am banging out this post before jumping in the car and heading to Sydney for five days. You might not hear from me other than the odd tweet if you follow me there

Here is The Dress so far. I was worried about it looking a bit sweet and mumsy so I’m taking the bodice to Sydney with me for some ‘fancy-ing’ up. Watch this space. Perhaps a little bit of Scruffy Badger trimming may be in order!

SIMPLICITY 1880 - WIP pinned

SIMPLICITY 1880 – WIP pinned

19 thoughts on “AWAY!

  1. It is coming along nicely! I love the fabric, as I probably said before. 😛 I tried the newly learnt sleeve method and really liked it actually. Although I had a dilemma and put them in wrong way round first. lol. Have a nice break!

  2. Wow you’ve made insane progress! And I’ve read online that this method of setting in a sleeve insures the best…something technical I cannot recall!!!! I think it was on Fashion Incubator whose blogger is in RTW.

  3. Wow–you’re doing so well! I really love that fabric. I’m going to get caught up this weekend for Pete’s sake. I hope you’re enjoying your trip!

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