BACK ON THE HORSE – Simplicity 1880


Just in case you were worried I was slacking off this is where I am at with the latest sewalong.
I’m off to Sydney for five days with my small people soon – which means very little sewing time. So I got cracking on Simplicity 1880 sewalong today.
Here is how far I got – note the bodice is pinned – I’m not quite that shoddy in the stitching stakes. 🙂
I’m waiting for Sunni’s tutorial about attaching the collar so it might be a week or do before I finish after our trip.
Funny story – my sewing room is upstairs, the kitchen is downstairs. I spent the afternoon/evening sprinting between the two. I think this qualifies as some form of exercise (including hurdling the dog gate).
It was all going well until this Whoops Monent. Doh!


5 thoughts on “BACK ON THE HORSE – Simplicity 1880

  1. I love this fabric! And when I sewed mine on the weekend I attached pieces the wrong way. Bu then i have established already that I am bad with left and right lol

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