Fabric dilemmas

Fabric dilemmas – no joy here, rayons galore but nothing for me 😦

I’ve been in a sewing rut for an entire 24 hours. I know! Catastrophe!

Will I ever sew again?

How many more hours can I stare blankly at a pattern envelope?

I hemmed Hazel last night and we are looking at each other quite smugly. I feel like I won. She feels like she put up a good fight. Yes, yes pictures soon I promise!

A Fashionable Stitch Shirt-dress Sewalong

A Fashionable Stitch Shirt-dress Sewalong

I was already to roll into another project, Sunni’s Simplicity 1880 Sewalongand just can’t find the fabric to ‘sing’ to me!!! I have this picture in my head of English roses and I can’t find it. The one above is lovely but the print is a little big. I LOVE the birdies with a frightening passion but not for this project.

I found a completely fabulous red border print in another shop but I’m not really a ‘red’ girl (unless it’s hair colour and then anything goes!). Should I throw caution to the wind?? Maybe if I wore it with a jaunty scarf tossed around my neck?

Returned home EMPTY HANDED. Yes, from a fabric shop. Twice. This is serious….
On the upside I received the Cambie & Renfew Patterns in the mail. Sew Squirrel has free shipping in Australia. It would have been silly not to buy them.
And it’s a bit of cake AND icing. Give me five! Balanced diet! Woo hoo! Tasia would approve.

Speaking of dieting…

I also succumbed to this very very funny vintage pattern on eBay.

I’m still laughing. A ‘pounds thinner pattern’ for a cereal company no less!
If this works I can found a sewing diet empire!


6 thoughts on “A FABRIC DIET

    • Hopefully there will be bran flakes so I can have a snack while I sew and not stop for meals.
      That is a lively fabric. Would look nice as a Vogue 1247 top methinks. Or perhaps a Pounds Thinner Bran Flakes number?!

  1. I have the opposite of your problem: am consciously staying away from the fabric store I discovered last year (see my blog post called One Love). That said, I can understand your problem. And I love the peacock feather print too! And I’m dying for a Cambie! Maybe a Peacock Cambie? That vintage pattern is…interesting, isn’t it? But I want to see the Hazel, pleeease!

    • That’s the funny thing I usually have no problem except for when I have a vision in my head that I can’t make reality.
      I can’t wait to make the Cambie – it’s looks like a lovely pattern.
      The peacock is cute. Perhaps I should ‘stash’ it…
      Ah, the Hazel photos. I have to find somewhere to photograph it, I run out of ‘day’ after work during winter and it’s cold.

  2. I keep seeing photos of that lush bird on a wire fabric. Nothing in any fabric shops near me though! 😦
    I hope you’re making the gold dress in that mccalls pattern! It’s like a gorgeous bond girl outfit.

    • It’s cute as a button isn’t it! I gave in about bought a metre at a half price sale. Enough for a little cotton rayon Sorbetto I think!
      I agree those yellow dresses are very Bond Girl. Just have to find fabric…

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