1. What a great pattern. I love those vintage sets. I have just recently got the hang of unprinted patterns. They really are not so scary. There are punched holes that indicate the usual printed instructions but there should be a sheet of instructions that will tell you what the different size and formation of punched holes mean. The only thing it is likely to be missing is instructions for lining… you might be lucky. It was assumed that one would know how to do it in those days! Good luck with the construction. It will be well worth the effort! 🙂

    • I’m stupidly excited by this challenge ;-)’ I’m the sort that learns to knit and tackles Fair Isle first!
      I’m starting to think after my experiences with Colette Patterns I might be a vintage & not a ‘modern’ build like Colette claims to design for.
      I’ve been too busy tonight to sit down and really look at the contents but it appears to all be there.
      I’m already planning to convert the skirt gathers to pleats. However I need to find some fabrics first!

    • Yes! Sizing is just weird. In USA RTW I’m a 0-2, in Australia I’m 6-8. And in vintage I’m 12. Makes me dizzy!
      Ive been pondering my fabric choices for this. I’ve found a lovely tweedy sort of synthetic suiting, even the shop owner isn’t sure what it is. And perhaps a vintage lawn for the top. Decisions!

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