Pipit Loungewear Set by Common Stitch

Loungewear… not something I’d ever think I’d sew but “Hello COVID–19 Lockdown” and it just seemed a fun thing to do to keep me busy… and use up stash fabric… and also housebound appropriate! When Common Stitch had a sale I couldn’t resist trying out this fun modern pattern.

I also challenged myself to only use buttons, bias tape etc from my stash. No store visits for extras – which is invariably accompanied by the usual accidental-to-good-to-leave-behind fabric purchases! Miracle!

Pipit Loungewear, Common Stitch, linen cotton

Pipit Loungewear, Common Stitch, linen cotton

Plus, I had been thinking about sewing myself some respectable PJs as I’m often away on running weekends… and let’s just say my nightwear and ‘lounging wear’ is less than epic.

Pipit Loungewear, Common Stitch, linen cotton

Pipit Loungewear, Common Stitch, linen cotton

I really adore my first linen/cotton blend set. The fabric has a lot more body and the sleeves are more dramatic and shorts bulkier but I still like them. The top has been good with jeans or open as a casual loose jacket. And I’ve worn the shorts to bed with a tshirt. I think this would also look great with a white tshirt or cami under the open topwith the shorts if I was ‘entertaining’ while wearing my loungewear LOL.

Pipit Loungewear, Common Stitch, linen cotton

Pipit Loungewear, Common Stitch, linen cotton

I added two buttonholes to the waistband and put a twill tape through (in addition to the elastic). I had sewed the elastic in a little loose (over estimating my lockdown consumption) which much harder to fix as the elastic is serged onto the waist, turned over and sewn down. Adding the twill tape made the waist a little firmer which is nice and also looks a bit smarter (see image below).

I also added a bias tape finish to the top’s neckline facing edge. I really love this simple finish and it looks so much nicer than an overlocked edge.

Naturally I decided I had so much fun sewing my linen set, I decided to stash dive and try a fabric with more drape – simply because it was a fun, easy project and I have a tendency to sew patterns multiple times.

Pipit Loungewear, Common Stitch, rayon twillThese are lovely and soft. The print reminds me on a Monet painting.

While I have worn my rayon twill Pipit set to bed (I was tired and could not be bothered to get changed!) the low neckline and very loose fit doesn’t make them ideal. However they are ideal cocktail-lounge-dwelling wear and also I’m not embarrassed to open the door… should anyone ever knock on it again!

Pipit Loungewear, Common Stitch, rayon twill

Check out those swishy sleeves

I added the bias tape finish to the top facing and hemline on this set. For the little bit of extra time, I can’t resist adding neat finishes.

There was a third set!

One of my friends admired my linen/cotton set so much, as a surprise I sewed her an identical set. I hardly ever sew for anyone, it stresses me out. I wrapped them up and left them on her doorstep as an Easter surprise. I think she liked them – we celebrated with ‘zoom drinks’ in our loungewear – the weird things we do in these strange times!

I added some fun Kylie and the Machine labels to her set – because they make me smile and I do think these funny little touches make a gift really memorable.

Pipit Loungewear

Adding twill tape to the waistband, bias tape finish to the facing edge and some labels helped make these feel a little more special.

Thoughts on the Pipit Loungewear Pattern

This is a relatively simple sewing project, it has lots of ease and no complex construction details. It went together easily and with some extra touches, you can make your loungewear set feel a little more ‘luxe’.

My neckline feels a little lower than the pattern samples indicate – however for its purpose, I don’t really mind.

Stay safe and well.

Pattern: Pipit Loungewear, Common Stitch.
Fabric: from my stash (cotton/linen and rayon twill from Spotlight at least 18 months ago and no longer available – sorry!)


5 thoughts on “Pipit Loungewear Set by Common Stitch

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  2. These are beautiful and such a nice inside finish! I find if I make multiples of something, I enjoy doing it right away since I’m already familiar with the process of sewing them up. These are so unique looking.

  3. I have this pattern with the shorts cut out ready to sew but alas! I lost my sewing space to the home schooling paraphernalia. I love yours I think they look amazing, now if I could just get my sewing space back.

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