Claudia Dress – Tessuti Patterns

And now for something completely different.. and quite a large departure from my ‘usual’ style – whatever that is these days.  Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea on me, that’s OK.

Claudia Dress by Tessuti Patterns

Claudia Dress by Tessuti Patterns. Note to self, take hands out of pockets for photos! – ruins line of dress!

I fell in love with this dress when it was released by Tessuti Fabrics.

Described on the Tessuti site as: this stylish, pull-on sundress features narrow shoulder straps, bust darts, stitched-down pockets and above-the-knee side splits with wide hems and topstitched details. Suitable fabrics include medium to heavy weight linens or linen blends and cottons. Not suitable for lightweight or drapey fabrics.

Excuse creases and wrinkles - that's linen for you - and I took photos of four different garments in this lunch break! You have to make use of spare time when you can find it. Let's not talk about the ten surfers that came and jumped into the water as I took the photos...

Excuse creases and wrinkles – that’s linen for you – and I took photos of four different garments in this lunch break! You have to make use of spare time when you can find it. Let’s not talk about the ten surfers that came and jumped into the water as I took the photos… a beautiful late autumn day and the water was warm.

I measure slightly above the Tessuti XXS sizing chart – however this is too large on me. Perhaps I could scale down the pattern when printing if I make it again.

I took up the straps a lot (sorry detail escapes me as I sewed this a few months ago – bad blogger – must blog faster).

Thoughtful design details

The pockets are beautifully inserted. I guess they are called ‘single welt side pockets’? They are much more complex to construct than the simple side pockets you get in many patterns – however the instructions are excellent (illustrated by photographs) and they are sewn to the front of the dress which is a nice detail. I did topstitch in a lighter topstitch thread around the pocket opening but then opted to make all the other topstitching less obvious as I rather like the denim-y plain look of this fabric.

You can perhaps see all the potential top stitching in this line drawing from Tessuti.

Claudia Dress - line drawing courtesty of Tessuti Fabrics

Claudia Dress – line drawing courtesty of Tessuti Fabrics

I love the mitred hem finish. My fabric is so dark it’s hard to see all the details so please visit the Tessuti blog post for more detail shots – and a much better model!

I wish more patterns had thoughtful detaqils like mitred hem finishes. It really does make the dress so much nicer!

I wish more patterns had thoughtful details like mitred hem finishes. It really does make the dress so much nicer!

The neckline is lovely, square with narrow straps.

Claudia Dress, front view

Claudia Dress, front view

The simplicity of this design really appeals to me. It can also be worn with a tshirt on cooler days.


An absolute sack on me. Perhaps not the most figure-flattering shape on me… but does everything have to be? Some days you much want to mooch about in an extraordinarily simple linen dress.

I’m fond of it anyway. I have no desire to ‘cinch it in’ at the waist or belt it in any way. I prefer it as it is.

There is something lovely about slightly crumpled linen sack dresses that makes me feel happy.

A fun pattern, a classic shape and highly wearable on a warm day.

It’s hard to beat a Tessuti PDF Pattern at $12 – and the PDFs come with an A0 copy shop file – always a thumbs up from me!

Pattern: Claudia Dress, Tessuti Fabrics
Fabric: described as “Italian Linen” purchased many many years ago on Goldhawk Road, London

Claudia Dress, Tessuti Patterns

Claudia Dress, Tessuti Patterns


24 thoughts on “Claudia Dress – Tessuti Patterns

  1. I found some linnen last week that I’d love to make into a dress. Then I’m thinking our summers may not be warm enough for this strappy style, and you are wearing it in autumn 😀
    Like the dress and the style

    • I’ve seen this with a tshirt or shirt underneath and it looks lovely. Or a loose arty merino knit cardigan would be lovely.
      This photo was 2 weeks before ‘winter’, 24 degrees!

  2. I like it! It really looks perfect for a walk along the beach…breezy and comfortable. I too shy away from sack-style dresses and feel like I can’t wear them, but you are so right…why not?

  3. I love it! Doesn’t look sacklike at all. The shape of the top/neck and how it’s fitted anchors it for the rest of it to be flown, and the corners at the hem are sharp! So, so nice!

  4. it looks fantastic, and perfect fabric choice. It has taken me a while to embrace styles that are loose in this way but I think it’s nice to change up your style sometimes. I sewed the Bondi dress from Tessuti which is similar and I love it.

    • I’ve made the Bondi dress and it’s far too big unfortunately. I was so disappointed but that’s life.
      I actually think loose linen summer dresses look very chic, it’s just having the confidence to wear something different and learning how to accessorize it. I think more experimenting is in order for me!

  5. I made this pattern as well and like you I was swimming in it at first. I took two inches off the neckline, took it in at the sides under the armhole, tapering down and taking in the facing as well. I love my dress now (and yours looks great too) but I wasn’t very impressed with Tessuti over this. The pic of the sample shows a dress that’s pretty fitted around the bust and armholes and much lower than their pattern will actually give you. When I look at #claudiadress on instagram, EVERYONE has found this dress oversized in the bodice, and either had to take it in, cut it down to a top or wear a t-shirt under it.

    • I’ve found the few Tessuti Patterns I’ve made are all oversized. I also find many Papercut Patterns are also generally sized. My Lois dress is far too long on the bodice unfortunately and my Bondi dress is also far too big.
      I’m in Perth next weekend!

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