Busy and still sewing… Named, Sewaholic, Burda and more!

I have been on an unexpected blog break for a few weeks. There are a few times of the year when work, life, family collide and the result is utter chaos. This is one of them.

Rather than bore you with some chest-beating wail about everything that is going on, I’ll simply say amongst the endless storm of life, I’ve been grateful for small pockets of sewing, it has felt like the calm among the chaos.

Firstly – the winner of Stylish Remakes Giveaway is PHYSIC KATHLEEEN (I wonder if she knew that was going to happen!). I’ll send you an email Kathleen to organise postage of your book.

Secondly – what have I been sewing. A bit of everything to be honest. And many things probably won’t make the blog – for all sorts of reasons, some times it about finding the time, the ‘worthiness’ of blogging a simple item or it becomes one of those garments that I wear and totally forget about documenting (which is probably why I should!). So I’ve decided to just provide snapshots of those types of projects.

Here’s a few of those:


Named Patterns Beverly Bikini - a selfie

Named Patterns Beverly Bikini – a selfie

This project lifted me out of a post-Christmas and work stress fog. I was inspired to give these a go after Measure Twice Cut Once launched a sewalong. For those of you in the Northern hemisphere and about to enjoy summer, I recommend these as a fun swimwear project. My first piece of swimwear and nowhere near as daunting as I thought it might be! Sorry – no photos. I thought about it but just don’t feel comfortable – but I applaud those that do. I’ve been destroyed by carrying to two rather large babies and regardless of how awesome they are… I really do hate my stomach. We all have things we dislike about ourselves and for me, it’s my stomach – disaster zone! Such is life. Will some indie designer please release a pair of one-piece cut-outs that are a bit skimpy and sexy? Thank you 😉
Pattern: Named Beverly Bikini


Dolman Dress 06/2012 #134 - I really do need another of these!

Dolman Dress 06/2012 #134 – I really do need another of these!

One of those fun dresses that is incredibly simple to make and makes you feel rather sexy. This is a rayon knit from the Spotlight remanent bin. It has low-cut armholes and I omitted the shoulder details due to the busyness of the print. I opted to make a very skinny tie belt – which you don’t see under the fold of the ‘bodice’ or upper part of the dress. I use it to simply to keep the dress from slipping down and to provide some waist definition.
Pattern: Dolman Dress 06/2012 #134.


Sewaholic Cambie - No.5. Yes unhemmed. I had was camping and just completed some handsewing. I knew there would be no blog pictures, I couldn't resist trying it on for size...

Sewaholic Cambie – No.5. Yes unhemmed. I had was camping and just completed some handsewing. I knew there would be no blog pictures, I couldn’t resist trying it on for size…

Yes, it is unhemmed. I never took blog photos of this as it was a birthday gift. I took this camping to finished some hand sewing on the lining and dress, I hemmed it with some bias tape when I got home. I couldn’t resist trying it on for size. I do so love this pattern, a beautiful dress inside and out – and an utter delight to sew.
This is a cotton sateen from Spotlight.
Pattern: Sewaholic Cambie

And a sneak peek of some upcoming finished projects!

April & May 2016 projects

April & May 2016 projects

18 thoughts on “Busy and still sewing… Named, Sewaholic, Burda and more!

  1. Wonderful to see your inspiring posts again. That reminds me I MUST make my Cambie before the summer goes! Bikini looks good. Have you seen the Leisette butterick swimsuit. I think there’s a sewalong on her website Oliver and S

  2. You have been missed! All your makes look fabulous, and I cannot wait to see more. Hope life calms down soon so that you are not so stressed, but it is great to see you handling it so well.

  3. I cut out a swimsuit muslin and chucked it in the wait until next summer corner…….looks like nice fabric you used for yours. Looking forward to seeing the other things in the sneaky peeks ;o)

  4. Lovely clothes and that red dress is especially gorgeous. Sewing is always great therapy in life’s storms.

    • It certainly does. I’ve got a RTW one piece which has really flattering cut-out sides and quite ‘bikini’ in style, there is not anything quite like it patternwise. There is a strapless Kwiksew that has the right shapes but I need to convert the top.

  5. gosh I love that Burda dress, tres chic! I am so tempted to try one of those type of patterns but I think they work best on a different shape. But if I had yours I would wear it all the time. Perfect fabric.

  6. I hear ya on the tummy hate! I’d also love to find a more interesting one piece suit. I made one a couple years ago, but it’s still a bit covered up. Love that Burda dress!!

    • I’ve got a fabulous one piece with cut out sides, it’s sort of a string bikini with a panel covering my stomach and offering little coverage at the back – just my bottom! the front has quite a plunge and a simple flounce around it – it’s striking. It seems RTW companies may include one cut-out suit in their collection each year. Disappointing as tankinis and one-pieces do little for my lean shape. And I don’t care what soothing things people say abotu my stomach… I just don’t feel obliged to unveil it!

  7. That red dress is gorgeous and the Burda beauty is so fun! You have been busy. Just have an opinion to give in spite of the fact that you didn’t ask for one, LOL, I love seeing the easy makes as well as the more interesting ones, especially the things you love to wear as that is the true test of it all, you know?

    • I totally agree! I’ve made some fairly simple cardigans lately that I will blog soon as I think it’s interesting to compare the different styles. I guess I’ve just decided not to blog continued repeat patterns – there are onyl so many Cambies I can share 🙂

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