SewRetroBatwings – Vogue 1337

This was going to be a classy DVF-inspired wrap dress…

The wrap dress that wasn't - Vogue 1337

The wrap dress that wasn’t – Vogue 1337

Then I woke up the morning I was planning to sew… and decided that the wrap dress had somehow morphed into a batwing mini dress.

Vogue 1337 for Minerva Crafts

Vogue 1337

I’d love to explain my creative process to reach this point – however it was one of my more random, arm-waving last moment decisions… I just suddenly didn’t want a wrap dress… and I needed a retro batwing mini in my life.

Vogue 1337

Vogue 1337

Thankfully Vicki at Minerva Crafts was more than accommodating at the last minute!   This pattern screams 80s to me… massive shoulders, batwings, slender skirt… you know – some times clothing should just be fun… too many people take their threads far too seriously! This is fun – fun to make & fun to wear.

Vogue 1337

Vogue 1337

I think for my first venture into the world of batwings and 80s power dressing, the option of making this in black made moving outside my comfort zone easier. I know lots of bloggers become enamoured of sewing knits – some even appear to be addicted and sew little else. I’m not one of those girls, I’m still grappling with the techniques required for a good finish…

There is a great big long post over at Minerva with more pictures – and information about how I attached the elastic to the sleeves and waistline… go forth and read…

Vogue 1337 - clear elastic

My elastic attachment.

No I didn’t make the self fabric belt… and I changed the neckline to have a narrow binding rather than a facing because the pattern facing is the work of the devil… all the details are over at Minerva 🙂

Pattern: Vogue 1337
Fabric: Black knit from Minerva Crafts.
Kit: available here.

50 thoughts on “SewRetroBatwings – Vogue 1337

  1. Oh wow, this is so so 80s, but you wear it so well… It almost makes me nostalgic for some of those batwings from my past!! It also looks super comfortable while still being pretty classy.

  2. I love it! Despite being an 80’s style you look very stylish in it… I am off to read more details! I sew on a lot of knits too but am still not happy with ALL of them and need more “sewing with knit” techniques.

  3. Hi Lizzy,
    You look terrific in your gorgeous dress – you have the best figure and legs for such a dress. Good for you. I checked out the pattern number and I think it looks great in the red also with the self-fabric belt because of the way the belt pleats up, adds another dimension to the flowy/drapey effect. I know it is 80’s inspired but it doesn’t look at all dated. Brilliant job, well done you!

  4. I love it! looks so comfy but still stylish. Plus now you can be a trend setter – you’ll make us all want 80’s batwing dresses! 🙂

  5. I do love this style on you. Somehow it seems to suit your personality. The only thing I wish you’d done was that dodgy pose from the pattern picture 😉
    Seriously though, it looks great. Did you use your coverstitch machine for this at all?

  6. I love batwing dresses and tops. I’m not convinced it’s a style I can personally carry off but it looks so, so good on you. Not 80s power dressing to me – I think it looks much more 40s timeless. I love the mini skirt but this would look amazing with a sweeping maxi skirt and a dropped back neckline – you know, if you ever needed to go to an event in a 1940s film! x

    • I think I should sew bossy you one day & throw you a curve ball. You didn’t think you were a maxi girl before Anna either.
      Funnily enough on Pattern Review someone did lengthen it & it looks fab!

  7. An LBD is ALWAYS a good idea… and the chic-ness of it trumps unfortunate 80’s fashions any day, particularly when you do not pair it with over-hairsprayed bangs – you can rock 80’s supermodel any day, girl! 🙂

  8. I love this! It looks amazing on you! It kind of reminds me of the awesome outfits that Christina Applegate wore on Married with Children (and that my mom would never let me wear). Really, really fun!

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