SewHolidayLizzy – Grainline Maritime Shorts (1 & 2)

Grainline Maritime Shorts in floral denim

Grainline Maritime Shorts in floral denim – Take 2 in size 6

I’ve never been a ‘shorts’ girl. However after the Archer blast I decided that I needed MOAR Grainline in my life so I purchased the Maritime Shorts, Mini Moss Skirt and the Tiny Pocket Tank. I know, nothing like jumping in boots ‘n’ all.

I decided to make the Shorts first – weird choice as I have never been a fan of me and my legs in shorts…

I had a scrap of denim so I whipped up the first pair… they were… let’s say ‘friendly’ aka rather on the super-fitted side. I think if I had put on Kylie Minogue’s Spinning Around that I could have smacked out the denim version of the music clip. Actually… they weren’t quite that bad… but they were a little frisky for me πŸ™‚

Grainline Maritime Shorts

ahhhhh….. NO….. size 2

I didn’t actually finish these – ie no hems – I’ve just rolled over the raw edges. I knew they were not going to be wearable before I even put in the fly but I just continued on just to practice the techniques. The fabric was about $4 so there were no tears over this failure. ELH (the ever lovin’ husband) said he thought they looked mighty fine (men!) but understood my reluctance to leave the house in them!

Grainline Maritime Shorts - front view

Grainline Maritime Shorts – front view

So then I decided to make them again in size 6 (because going up two sizes seemed sensible after Take 1 fit!) with some floral denim I had stashed (yes this is the stash busting project of 2013!). I basted up the side seams on the advice of Abbey from Sew Charleston – great advice as I took them in by at least another 1/4 inch on each side after trying them on.

I also altered the construction method so it was more like the Sewaholic Thurlow – in a similar manner to Lauren’s Maritime shorts.

I sewed the crotch seam from the bottom of the fly and just an inches into the back pieces. I inserted the fly front and then attached the waistband in two pieces. I sewed the left front band to a back band and the right front band to the other back band. I then attached the left front/back bands and the right front/back bands to their side of the shorts – leave the back seam unstitched (am I making any sense??). I tried on the shorts and redrew the back seam line on the shorts back and band pieces – taking out a massive slice… I mirrored this slice onto the band interfacing back pieces.

This is a really simple way to fit shorts if you have a huge gape at the back – no-one wants to see your builder’s crack – trust me on this one.

Grainline Maritime Shorts, size 6, back view.
Grainline Maritime Shorts, size 6, back view. Still a little baggy – need more junk in the trunk.

These are not too bad – not quite perfect but still very wearable. I really love this denim, it’s stretchy and really quite cute. Looks so much better made up than on the roll… good thing I got three metres for $12…

So I decided I needed to make these in size 4. I don’t know why I went up two sizes. SewStoopidLizzy hoots the Drunk Monkey. So Take 3, the Urban Butterfly, is coming your way very soon…

Where am I in these shots? Yes away again. This time with friends at Nambucca Heads, about 75 minutes drive north from home for the October long weekend. I had the most hideous flu in these shots, I actually spent most of the weekend asleep in the cabin… staggering out for a few hours, having a few beers and then back to bed!

This is a truly gorgeous spot where the river meets the ocean and they have a breakwall – complete with graffiti rocks. I love breakwalls like this, people document their holidays, family reunions, propose, commemorate a loved one’s passing… while it is graffiti, most people ignore the ‘illegal’ element. These strangely beautiful walls are about lives being lived… and there is something captivating and beautiful about that. Ordinary people taking the time to grab a brush and celebrate a moment in a public way. Over time the rocks change, as people paint over a rock and start their own stories where another once was. I love that. There is always another story, another joy, another sorrow. It’s quite beautiful in a magnificently ordinary way. Just like life.

Grainline Maritime Shorts - Nambucca Breakwall

Grainline Maritime Shorts – Nambucca Breakwall

And we saw whales breaching offshore while we took these pictures. Amazing!

Pattern: Grainline Maritime Shorts
Fabric: denim from Spotlight ($4m from the bargain table!)

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Watch this space for Take 3… The Urban Butterfly…

I seriously can’t believe I put two photographs of my bum in a blog post – but there you go… that’s blogging for you…

32 thoughts on “SewHolidayLizzy – Grainline Maritime Shorts (1 & 2)

  1. Ooh, you could give Kylie a run for her money anyday! These are so cute on you, can’t wait to see mkIII! I think I get what you mean with the waistband construction but Thurlows are on the wanna sew list so actually getting brave and actually making some trousers and Lauren’s post will tell (at some point that hasn’t been determined in the future) whether I’ve understood right!
    I love all the stories on the breakwater. It looks a beautiful spot and I hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • Breakwalls are lovely, apart from the rock art, it’s the river meeting the sea and the beautiful greens & blue that collision produces that is truly beautiful.
      Much better now, I think being away (as awful as it was to spend the time in the cabin) was good as the kids were busy, riding and swimming, and I could just sleep.

  2. I’m totally a shorts girl, I just live in the wrong country now. They look fab lizzy – perfect summer shorts!

  3. They turned out great! And you look great too… you should not be so shy about your legs! I love how you say “builders crack…” We call it a “plumbers crack here!” LOL… ~Laurie

  4. These shorts are super cute – if I had your legs I’d be flashing them around in a most inappropriate manner at every opportunity (well, I’d wear shorts when the weather permitted, at least!). The teeny tiny first pair is also cute, but I can see why you might not feel comfortable wearing them in public…

  5. Very cute shorts! The printed denim is fabulous made up, but I don’t know if I could have bought it in the store. You have a good eye for potential! That location is spectacular too, the color of the water is unreal!

    • I fell in love with the denim and then got it home, got a stack because it was soooo cheap and wondered what to do with it. I think it works in small pieces… though I’m tempted to try skinny jeans or Colette Clover style 3/4 pants….

  6. Nambucca Heads – wow does that bring back childhood holiday memories of camping at the Black Rock caravan park! Knew I recognised those slabs of rock and concrete!! Is it totally inappropriate to say i have butt and leg envy?!?!? Lol. Those shorts look fantastic. If you have it flaunt it Baby!! Cheers, Karen

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  8. “It’s quite beautiful in a magnificently ordinary way. Just like life.” Best blog quote this week πŸ˜‰ Thanks for posting your fitting strategies – 2014 is year of the pants/shorts, maybe… πŸ˜‰ well, that gives me another 2 months to think about it ;)p

  9. Love these shorts on you, and Nambucca is so beautiful. My folks told me to visit and stay at the White Albatross caravan park last year as they had visited during their tour up the coast and loved the breakwater art. I agree, some truely beautiful messages of love, holidays and loved ones along the rocks. And such a friendly town, my son was so unused to everyone saying “good morning” as we walked there, not like the Gold Coast at all.

    • It’s a lovely spot and such a nice little town. You must come to Port Macquarie, we also have a breakwall with rock art, it’s part of a much longer and beautiful coastal walk. See you soon!

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