Sorry, it’s been awhile!

Life has been BUSY. I have been swamped by domesticity but am slowing emerging. I found myself cooking dinner, putting on laundry, running a bath, cutting out fabric and knitting a row here and there (all at the same time it seemed) last Friday and thought “Aha! Almost back to ‘normal’“.

I decided to blog about the fabrics this post and people the next. So many things to show! I thought it best to show the fabrics so you can sit back and fan yourselves in case it all gets too exciting. So it’s mainly pictures tonight!

I don’t think I got spectacularly exciting fabrics. I got a few special pieces and the rest I liked the colour or had a ‘vision’ in my head… yes, heavens about – practical stuff!!

French Brocade

French Brocade – I got this at a Berwick Street sale (fancy place to buy fabrics) I got 2.8m for 40 pounds, it would have cost me 160 pounds at full price. I think it needs to be a fancy evening coat. ELH suggested that it would look great as feature patches on a military style jacket aka my French designer op shop jacket (quite an inspired suggestion I thought!)

Maybe a Pavot? I’m open to fancy jacket suggestions!

Italian linen

Italian linen from Goldhawk Road. This does not photograph well but it’s a lovely flecked denim colour. I had the Burda Crossover Blazer in my head when I got this.

Maybe a Burdastyle crossover blazer. Or the lovely Burda 7401. Could be a lovely Victoria

Lace from Goldhawk Road

Lace from Goldhawk Road. I have no idea. I thought it was going to be a top. Now I think it might be a dress with a lace overlay bodice…

Mauve wool from Goldhawk Road

Mauve wool blend from Goldhawk Road. I liked the weave in this fabric… I have no idea what to do with it. I don’t know what I was thinking…

Purple knit from Goldhawk Road

Purple knit from Goldhawk Road. I really need more knit tops. I can squeeze a cowl-necked Renfrew and a Maria Denmark day-to-night top out of this.

Rolls & Rems blue

Rolls & Rems blue knit. I got this shopping with Clare of SewDixieLou. She’s gorgeous – more on this next post! This was a princely 3 pounds. I love it.

Rolls & Rems 2

From Rolls & Rems with Clare of SewDixieLou. I think this has a lot of polyester but I love it. It might be a Deer & Doe Datura…

Silk Cotton Blue from Goldhawk Road

Silk Cotton from Goldhawk Road. At just 5 pounds a metre I could not resist this. Beautiful…

Silk Cotton from Goldhawk Road

Silk Cotton from Goldhawk Road. This is another 5 pound a metre wonder. Lovely stuff.

Teal Ponti from Goldhawk Road

Teal Ponti from Goldhawk Road. This is one of my favourite colours, it’s a much more vivid teal than it appears in this photo. I have a Vogue 8593 in my head

Is that enough fabric for today?

39 thoughts on “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FABRIC

  1. Is it ever enough fabric? Cant wait to see these transform! Gorgeous. My fav is the lace and silks. Phew fanning down. :p

  2. Well you’ve definitely got your priorities right – fabric always comes first, eh? There’s some lovelies here – I’m very much coveting your denim-coloured linen. Delicious!

    • Thanks Mel. It’s all very practical (except the brocade) and I can’t wait to sew with it. I adore the denim linen too. It’s crying out to be a jacket, I was tempted to make a Victoria with it but have some ink colored linen for it.

  3. oooh, that lace fabric is pretty. wonder if it will be difficult to sew with. Do you use a ‘walking foot’ or a special needle to sew with fabric like that?

  4. Lovely fabrics. I particularly love the lace. I actually have a few yards of that second silk cotton. Not quite sure what I’m going to do with it.

    • The lace is lovely, it’s the first thing I purchased overseas. I think I might make some pendrells with the multi colored silk cotton. I haven’t decided and I change my mind every day….

  5. I like all your choices…which makes me feel calm about the fabric I bought for you. It’s in the box that is missing in transit but if they don’t find it, there’s always more fabric. I’m excited for your Crossover Blazer if you go for it. It’s, of course, already in my favorites on Burda.

    • I think we are from the same part of the rainbow Leila! I want to make the blazer but get scared by Burda’s lack of seam allowances and instructions. Although I never make muslins I might make one for this one!

      • I’ve only made a couple of Burda patterns up and the fit is actually better than I get from other pattern companies even if I do have to alter everything. I use a double tracing wheel to give me both the stitching and cutting lines. Works like a charm. And yes, hwe are from the same part of the rainbow.

    • I can’t wait to wear those silk cottons they are going to be divine in summer.
      I’m still looking for a pattern for the silk you sent me. I think I know what to do just waiting for warmer weather 🙂

      • These things can’t be rushed. I’m still eying off the green birds voile you sent me. I think ‘all in good time’ applies to both of us. I’ve got a kids leggings production line happening today 🙂

  6. Oh I love fabric shots! I esp love the spotty silk cotton. I also am thinking about the asymmetrical linen jacket pattern at the moment. I’ve traced and copied the instructions – just need to get a move on. Looking forward to seeing yours. Are you coming to Sydney for the Sewing catch up?

    • I’ve got the pattern too. Just need to tape it together… after I finish three other projects…
      Yes I’m coming down. I wasn’t, then I was, now I am! I’m looking forward to meeting some Aussie girls! I think I will stay in the CBD overnight and visit The Fabric Store before I go home on the Monday.

  7. Love that Rolls & Rems Blue, I can totally see that on you. Hey did you know that there is a song called ‘Goldhawk Road’? It is a favourite of mine, by singer/songwriter Tina Dico from Denmark. She’s so fab, take a listen:

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