I’m terrible at sitting still… outstandingly so. So what to do while on holidays?

Clearly packing my sewing machine to go overseas was not an option (remember all that fabric?), I packed my knitting needles instead. For those of you concerned about getting through international security with knitting needles, don’t be. I got them through security in my hand luggage in Sydney, Dubai, London, Paris, Madrid and Singapore. I think we can safely say I did a pretty thorough investigation of international knitting & airport security and came up trumps.

I decided that whatever I knitted needed to be easy and not require constant reference to a knitting graph or pattern. Not to mention survive jet-lag induced exhaustion idiot brain syndrome.

I chose Idlewood from Ravelry. It was perfect. I got some needles in Paris (I only packed the size for the body. Doh!). Knit Pro Symphonie needles. They are heaven.

Meet International Idlewood. Yarn from USA. Needles from Paris. Knitted in London, Madrid, Singapore, Sydney and Port Macquarie!

Idlewood by by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.

Yes, I arrived home to wet weather! Rambling about in a jet lag fog after lunch

This is essentially a tube. You start at the top and knit the cowl. Change needles, knit the yoke. Leave stitches live on waste yarn or holders for the sleeves. Knit the body (a tube with minor shaping). Then knit a few rows on the sleeves and you are done! There are a few rows of purl on the bands but other than that it’s plain knitting all the way! Perfect beginner knit & being a worsted weight it knits up quickly.

I started knitting Idlewood in London and finished the morning I arrived in Port Macquarie. These pictures were taken after lunch with ELH. If I look tired and sloppy…. I was… this is after 30 hours of travel and very little sleep!

The pattern includes patch pockets which I’ve omitted, I felt it looked a little hippy (in shape & lifestyle choice). I prefer it’s simplicity.

Idlewood - post international long haul flight from hell.

Idlewood – post international long haul flight from hell.

I wear this A LOT. I totally get that it’s not going to be everyone’s style – it’s not lacy, floral or pretty – heck it’s not even a girly colour! However I love a bit of grunge. This is totally my style on a casual weekend. And hello? COWL! Monster cowl! It’s snuggly and warm. The cowl is so big it can be pulled over and worn like a hood, that look isn’t for me I feel like an Ewok.

Idlewood by Cecily Glowik MacDonald COWL

Now THAT’S what I call a cowl!

I’d love another one sometime. I would knit it on a smaller needle as this is the smallest size and it could do with just being a smidge smaller.

Wool: Malabrigo Worsted. I buy mine from yarn.com. This yarn is delightful. Buy it. Buy it now!
Skirt: Vogue 1247. It’s ridiculous how much I wear this skirt.
Boots: Flore from Duo. These boots are gorgeous. I ordered these in London from the Duo shop in Convent Garden – they shipped them direct to Australia for me for free – minus the VAT. Awesome – and you can get the same deal on the website. I was served by the delightful Laura and guess what!? She’s a sewing blogger too – a newbie – go and say hi!
What is so amazing about these boots is they come in calf sizes as well as foot sizes – so there is a perfect fit for everyone. I struggle to get boots to fit my toothpicks. Worth every penny. I also got a pair of Aralia – which I wear to work almost everyday…
Bag: from Madrid – another perfect match for my less-girly grunge days. It’s a little weather-beaten looking like me. Love this bag!

And I also knitted…

Zuzu Petals for Mum

ZuZu Petals for Mum. Knitted with Malabrigo Worsted

I knitted this for my mum with the leftovers from Idlewood. 🙂 It’s Zuzu Petals Cowl by Carina Spencer- also from Ravelry. This has a 32 row pattern and I had to concentrate (and not drink at night LOL). it’s not hard but there is a lot of pattern!

On the needles now…

Marion by Andi Satterlund. It’s also on Tasia of Sewaholic’s needles and Leila of Three Dresses is swatching her Marion after all my tweetin’ about it! I’m on my second sleeve now…

Marion Cardigan

Marion – I love my Whole Wheat cardigan so much I wanted another cream one with longer sleeves


22 thoughts on “I CAN’T SIT STILL…

  1. What a fantastic Idlewood and such a lovely colour. Duo boots are fantastic…I wore mine constantly for almost 12 months (we had no summer last year it rained all year apart from May)…

  2. I am a really slow knitter, probably more to do with time constraints. If I get a spare half hour I am torn between knitting and sewing! I would love to make this. It would definitely my style….casual and comfy without being shapeless……perfect!

    • This is perfect. The only thing that stumped me for a while was the increasing method but I found a clip on YouTube and it was easy peasy. Really really simple project.

  3. Really pretty! I love the color you chose! I made this sweater for my sister a couple of years ago, and I couldn’t believe how fast it knit up! It really is a nice pattern. This really suits your figure!

  4. This is a great pattern! I spotted it a while ago but never got around to making it. Some day! My ravelry queue is so big though it’ll take ages to get to it 🙂 I love the yarn choice – looks great!

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