Hello it’s me – world’s most boring sewing blogger (at least at the moment, Tessuti Gridlock has me in a headlock).

I am STILL working on the never-ending project. I WILL (must) finish soon (I pray). I have nothing of interest to show off today, however all is not lost! You can check out my Desert Island Sewing post over on the ever-delightful Winnie of Scruffy Badger… who I will meet in IRL very very soon!

Desert Island Sewing with Scruffy Badger (aka Winnie)

Desert Island Sewing with Scruffy Badger (aka Winnie)

My epic Tessuti Gridlock project continues. I swear it’s not that epic or amazing but it is taking ages… I don’t know why… I wish I did know… I just want it to be over… (sob)

Tessuti teaser

Tessuti teaser

Ah, I need a holiday… hang on… I seem to recall I am jetting off somewhere soon… London? Paris? Madrid?


  1. Very good choice of desert island sewing plus excellent sun-wise advice. It doesn’t hurt to remind folk about that! And I just checked out the Vine Bolero pattern. Mmm. Not my style at all – I’m totally the wrong shape for such a garment – but delicious. And what a holiday you have lined up, too. I’m utterly Green With Envy.

  2. Your desert island sounds right up my alley! I have several of those patterns, too, and actually just downloaded those Burda shorts a few weeks ago. They look so nice on the model but I am afraid they will not have the same effect on my legs, lol!

    Have fun in London. Will you be visiting Liberty? If so, try to have Chao wait on you.

    • Yes I will try to get to Liberty – I went there twice last time, it’s so much more than a shop, it’s a beautiful experience! Thank you for the tip I will look out for Chao!

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