I knew it! A super-prolonged BMV sale always leads to a new pattern catalogue release.

It appears someone at Vogue was listening and they have ditched most of the ridiculous (but highly entertaining) poses that appeared in the last few releases. They also seem to have realised that using super busy prints actually hides all of those pattern design details that are of interest to stitchers.

And I must say I am finding plenty to like in the new bunch.

I love everything about this dress from Kay Unger, waist tucks, cowl neck, nice length, gorgeous colour… I am buying this as soon as there is another BMV sale!

Vogue 1328

Vogue 1328 – Kay Unger

And this from Anne Klein, I like that neckline detail but it’s looking a little messy I think fabric choice would be very important to make sure this sits nicely…

Vogue 1327

Vogue 1327 – Anne Klein

I was liking this but I think that the single side panel of colour might look a bit skew-iff on me… perhaps in a single colour or less contrast, ie black and dark grey it might work, everything else in lovely – check out the line art on the Vogue website by clicking the image…

Vogue 1329

Vogue 1329 – Kay Unger

There are a few with super busy fabrics but the lines are simple and the fabrics sing. I really love this fabric (would look horrid on me) and the dress is very wearable and the collar is cute (I love me a good belt).


V8847 – very easy Vogue

I would quite honestly lie down and die if I even found this fabric in a shop – fabulous!!! Not sure about the back drapes but interesting


V8846 – Custom fit

There is a Claire Shaeffer jacket but I think the twists at the waist would be a bit too bulky for me…


V8845 – Claire Shaeffer jacket

Don’t freak out about the fishtail peplum (which I think I would actually like as black lace on a black dress I think…) but this pattern has a wide range of options and I think would be a good investment…


V8849 – Vogue Options

I like this jacket and I particularly like the side profile – not so sure about the little furry creature nestled on her head… I think the cap in the second picture is a much better option!

V8861 front view

V8861 front view – and it’s ‘easy’


V8861 – side view

And heavens above I’m not sure whether I am having a moment but I really like this jacket. I might wake up tomorrow and realise I was having a brain fart… The pattern is an entire wardrobe and I like everything except for the pants, which are not a good match for this jacket. Check it out at the Vogue site for the back view – which I can’t upload for some reasons…


V8866 Misses’ Jacket, Belt, Top, Dress, Skirt and Pants

There are 34 new patterns in all – go & cruise the new collection. (I cannot tell you how much I wish I could wear a skirt like this somewhere – how fabulous…)

What do you think?

Disclaimer: All images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for purposes of illustration and discussion.

31 thoughts on “NEW VOGUE PATTERNS

  1. I like all of these, too. I’m posting my favorites tomorrow. Yay for new Vogue that doesn’t make you hear circus songs. The Claire Shaeffer I’d buy just for her instructions.

  2. Oooh–I love that Claire Schaeffer jacket, but I think you’re right about the twisty bits adding too much bulk. I might just buy it anyway at the next sale. . .
    But those V8866 pants are HORRID! Especially with the jacket–it’s way too much!
    I noticed while I was nosing around Vogue that they have a pattern for men’s hats. I have less than zero use for a man’s fedora, but I’m so curious!

    • THose V8866 pants are laughable. Such a poor balance for the fullness of the jacket. I know the jacket is OTT but I think it would look fabulous with a pencil skirt or jeans. I love things that create shape – as that is something I have very little of!

  3. I like the Claire Shaeffer jacket – the gathers give it a new look. The rest of it I feel kind of meh about. But then, I’m into clean lines and not too much detailing going on… But I really like that they changed their way of photographing the patterns – you can actually see what’s going on now!

    • I often wear simple clothes on the weekend but my work is more about office wear so well cut dresses with interesting details are excellent wardrobe choices for me. My wardrobe varies from extremely casual to corporate to cocktail and formal… It’s big!

  4. I love so many of these patterns–such great separates in this release! I love all in 8866 except the pants (yuck!) but there’s another patterns for a pair of skinny pants that would look smokin’ with that jacket! I’ve never actually seen a Vogue pattern but I might have to pick up a few of these at the next Joann sale!

    • Thanks! I will have to keep an eye out for some coat fabric next time I am in Sydney. Can’t get that sort of thing where I live. I fill up my Vogue shopping cart and then just wait for a sale!

  5. Love the Orange dress with twisted neckline, Anne Klein is one of my favorites. Adore the coat with the cropped sleeve too. The elbow lengh gloves are very chic. Funny, the two tone B&W dress, I had a very similar dress for work 10 years ago. Mine was Navy and white cool wool (I didn’t make it), I felt like an airline attendant when I wore it. LOL I guess I should have hung on to it.

  6. thanks for sharing! I agree with you and love the first one! amazing! I actually eally like the blazer type jacket and the coat with the shorter sleeves! some great finds there!

    • I got myself 7 new patterns… whoops LOL. I accidentally put a big size in my shopping cart as they had some of their size ranges around the wrong way, some had the biggest size first in the drop down menu and others the smallest. Fortunately Vogue fixed it up for me! And also fixed up their website! Even better.

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