Giselle's confirmation

Giselle’s confirmation – she is doing well not to shiver. It was freezing and they made us wait outside in a cold wind for 20 minutes! Lovely!

She loves this dress and proudly told everyone her Mum made it and didn’t use a pattern. Bless her.

She is correct to a degree, I did use a McCalls bodice which I then shortened, added a waistband, added underlining to the skirt and bodice and sewed the entire thing without instructions. It was lots of fun! We made it up as we went along. Oh AND it was fully lined.

I pulled out my never-been-used darning foot, dropped the never-been-dropped feed dogs and secured it down by stitching in close to the roses. Then I trimmed the netting back, leaving a tiny frill around the edges. Worked beautifully!

Confirmation dress, adding the trimming

Confirmation dress, adding the trimming

In other sewing news: I have a healthy pile of my husband’s shirts that have been put out the pasture. A few are in perfect condition. Should I just cut the buttons off or does someone have a brilliant idea to re-fashion these?

I’m considering some tops for the girls. They adore their dad and would probably love anything I make for them from Daddy’s clothes!

Mini muu-muu and men's shirts

Men’s shirts and a mini muu-muu

Oh yes, my mini muu-muu pattern has arrived. Happy hand claps.

However I have another project that I’m committed to… more on that soon!

Giselle - crazy girl

Giselle – the crazy monkey.

16 thoughts on “THE CHERUB

    • Thanks, she was v.excited and happy – at her confirmation and starring on mummy’s blog. I think she’s going to want more Made by Mummy productions so her crazy monkey modeling career can continue.

  1. Your daughter is very cute, and she looks like she has a great personality! There are so many things you could do with those shirts. Don’t toss them until you think about it, especially if they worn smooth. If they are like old bedsheets, I would consider simple nightgowns for the girls. Even new lawn does not feel as nice next to the skin as worn out cotton. Just a thought.

  2. Aww, so pretty! I never throw out my husband’s shirts, the buttons and the fabrics are often top quality, as well, the fabric is beautifully soft through years of washing. You can make stacks of lovely things from a man’s shirt!

  3. I’ve made a nightgown I love from one of my husband’s favorite, but worn-out, shirts (he’s 6′-3″!). I cut out the collar and sleeves, shaped the neckline and back as I wanted, took in the sides, and used the leftovers to make bias tape for spaghetti straps and neckline binding. Minimal refashioning, and I love it!

  4. wow you didnt really use a pattern and made it up! It is lovely. she looks beautiful and I love that she is so happy that her mum made it for her! You must feel really proud! 🙂

    As for refashion, I have seen them made into waistcoats, undies like boxer shorts and nighties. 🙂
    Oh a secret project! Look forward to reading about it!

    • I’m thrilled she thinks it’s so special because ‘Mum made it’. If only I had been such a grateful creature to my mother who far outstrips me in the sewing skills department!

      • oh I know what you mean! My mum knitted me all kinds of jumpers and I always just said they were too itchy. I wish I could knit as well as her now!

          • I remember having a dumbo jumper, which I wold love to have again now. 😛
            My grandmother is a seamstress, but she has stopped sewing now, but apparently she wants to give me lots of tips when I next see her. 🙂 I am excited to learn more from her, although it will involve speaking about sewing in German which I tried yesterday and I just dont know the vocab. lol

  5. How exciting, way to go! So cute in pink too. I’m always amazed by someone who can ad-lib and make something by jigging a pattern. I really think that Simplicy pattern is smashing. I think they should just make everything from Vintage Patterns from now on.

    • Thank you. I think a couple of month ago I would not have been able to modify a pattern. I’m starting to understand how things go together and I’ve also got a lot confidence in my skills.
      I’m dying to make that mini muu-muu. Just have to find the right fabric!

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