We have had a ‘cold snap’ followed by rain. It’s gotten down to 2 degrees at night which is our version of an Arctic experience. So no Sewaholic Cambie View B pictures just yet. It should be sunny this weekend (touch wood) so photos then.

So what to do with no pictures to post? I decided to indulge my new Sewaholic addiction and tackle View A, the a-line skirt version straight away.

My original plan was to make it up in the same print (but on a black background) as my View B. It would have been a perfect balanced post. However I decided not to sacrifice myself to the blog gods just yet and picked another fabric from the stash instead.

On my ironing table is another rose print, more modern, in a black cotton sateen.

I love cotton sateen. It’s so ‘obedient’. It does not giggle or wiggle as you pin, stitch and iron. It just submits to the stitch.

Its also very forgiving. If you eat a little too much lunch, it stretches without complaint. It’s like a lovely neighbour who collects your mail, tells you look fabulous when you get a new haircut, makes you chicken soup when you are ill and takes in your washing when it starts to rain.

To further my Sewaholic addiction I ordered Thurlow and Pendrell tonight. I think Pendrell might be the perfect work top for me. I sense a flood of Thurlows will soon swamp blogland because any stitcher who has experienced the perfect Sewaholic fit knows this could be the perfect shorts/pants pattern… as soon as I hear they had landed in Australia I ordered mine from Sew Squirrel! I think they think I’m nuts but I’m OK with that :-)’



  1. I have never used cotton sateen! I will keep an eye out for some nice prints! Your description of it made me giggle. šŸ˜›

  2. Haha, I don’t think you’re crazy at all! I’m jealous and desperately want to start sewing up my cambie..but I’m sticking to the sewing plan. It seems like such a bad idea right now.
    The print looks great. What have you used for lining this time?

    • Haha šŸ˜‰ I’ve used a very very fine black cotton, hopefully it will work. Even with the lining the Cambie is surprisingly easy to make and I was surprised how little time it took. I’m going to fiddle about with the hem on View B, it needs a little love. I’m away for work tonight so it will have to wait. I LOVE this pattern, it fits beautifully.

  3. I love the dabric and can’t wait to see the dress finished though it sounds like you’re enjoying the process so much I’ll be patient! I will look up these Sewaholic patterns, you have inspired me!

  4. Such gorgeous fabric!! I’m impressed that you have the optimism to sew summer-y things during winter; my own creations tend to follow the seasons šŸ™‚ we had a 2C low here last weekend, and we all thought we were dying…. MAN!! I’m ready for summer already šŸ˜€

    • Our winters are not particularly bleak I often just throw on a jacket, boots and patterned tights especially with my workwear.
      Although this has been our coldest winter in a long time, our night temp dropped to 2.2 and we thought we were dying too… I slept with the electric blanket on all night and my head hurt.
      Sewing cheery things makes me feel happy. And if you saw how black my existing wardrobe is you would agree its a good change.

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