The Unblogged – The Burdastyle Shirt

During the times I have been steamrolled by life, lots of things I’ve made have not made it to the blog. So I’ve decided to ‘release’ them as I stumble across them on my hard drive or wardrobe – for better or worse. I’m calling them the ‘unblogged’ which once the posts go live, they will no longer unblogged but whatever!

Some things I have loved & worn to death, others I’ve failed to love but worn anyway. Some I’ve never worn.

I made this shirt in May 2015. I actually spent a great deal of time squeezing the shirt out of the chosen stash fabric, a lovely soft cotton check.

Burda Gathered Peplum Blouse 03/2015 #109 sewn by Sew Busy Lizzy

Front view

I’m yet to wear it. I even photographed it twice. Trying to fall in love with it. I was feeling pretty blah – which never helps. I suspect this is one of ‘those’ garments. I can’t bear to throw it out as I hope I might suddenly figure out how to wear it. I did put a lot of effort into finishing it well.

Burda Gathered Peplum Blouse 03/2015 #109 sewn by Sew Busy Lizzy

front/side view

I ditched the placket pieces from the pattern and referred to the David Coffin Shirtmaking book to create my own pattern pieces. I do love how the long placket features a button mid way to prevent gaping. The two buttons on the cuff are cute too (I used pink here due to not having enough of the clear buttons!).

Burda Gathered Peplum Blouse 03/2015 #109 sewn by Sew Busy Lizzy

Sleeve placket

I cut the button bands, plackets, pockets and yoke on the bias.

Burda Gathered Peplum Blouse 03/2015 #109 sewn by Sew Busy Lizzy

Back yoke

Burda Gathered Peplum Blouse 03/2015 #109 sewn by Sew Busy Lizzy

Button Band

I cut and attached the pockets with care.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with it. I’m sure some people roll their eyes when I call it a fail or dud. However I consider garments I’ve made for myself and not worn as a dud. After all, if you are sewing for yourself and it doesn’t work out – whether it’s construction or style – if you don’t wear it, well what was the point?

I think Sue on instagram nailed it with “The fabric is all kinds of wrong for you… dye it black (as above) or move it along for someone else to love” And believe it or not it was MARCY HARRIELL who made the most unexpectedly outragreous suggestion of dyeing it BLACK. However they are both right. It’s just not right and maybe it’s as simple as the colour… unless it’s the shape…

Burda Gathered Peplum Blouse 03/2015 #109 sewn by Sew Busy Lizzy

back view

Burda Gathered Peplum Blouse 03/2015 #109 sewn by Sew Busy Lizzy

I’m now seriously considering the black dye option.

Maybe if I had made it in a more sheer voile type fabric… maybe if I’d made another shirt… who knows.

It makes me feel like a ‘country girl’ and I’m really not.

Fate currently undetermined.

Pattern: Burda Gathered Peplum Blouse 03/2015 #109
Also see: Nine Stitches – LOVE this version
Fabric: cotton check shirting from Spotlight

41 thoughts on “The Unblogged – The Burdastyle Shirt

  1. I think your shirt is absolutely gorgeous. I saw a very similar design in French Connection in Guildford today and was staggered by the price. Keep it and love it, it’s fab! Nee x

  2. Oh god I really get you here. I’ve made things that were good and perfectly wearable but not ‘me’. I can’t throw them out so they sit in my wardrobe mocking me and making me feel bad!
    On the otherhand, your sewing details are lovely, your accurate stitching inspires me a little

  3. Gorgeous work, but it’s just not flattering. Such a shame as you have done such a fab job. Have you got a friend who’s expecting, I think if it was in a shop, it would be in with the maternity clothes. I’d definitely make room in your wardrobe for something more you if you can find it a new home.

  4. What might or might not be wrong with it doesn’t really matter….if you don’t like it, don’t keep it! I used to get hung up about these kinds of “non-fails” – like a shirtdress I loved but the fabric was just the wrong shade of brown. Now I just shrug and cut it up for rags or donate it!

  5. Beautiful shirt, lovely construction, but just not “you”. I’ve done the same thing. It just isn’t flattering. Find someone that it would be flattering on or donate it to a local thrift shop. Someone will buy it and be so happy to have found such a neat shirt. You will have made someone’s dar!!

  6. OK, I don’t know you, don’t ‘religiously’ follow your blog to know your style, but it doesn’t really look like ‘you’. Too frilly little girly. Or something. Not sure. You did do a lovely job on the details though, really fab.

    Anyway, if you haven’t worn it, then alter it or pass it along. You practiced the cool details and maybe cosmically that was what it was for.

    • Hi πŸ™‚

      I LOVE it!!! It is THE most favourite oeuvre i’ve seen. You don’t want to sell it to me do you? I’d be so so thrilled to wear it @ the first ever concert i give. I’m re-learning classical piano and have joined a group of people who perform as adult learners (audience/listeners are not allowed unless you perform) of an instrument. It would be wonderful to know that i had a beautiful shirt made by you to perform in. Can you please contact me if you are interested in that? Many thanks πŸ™‚

  7. I love the fabric and you have made this superbly. I couldn’t see why you didn’t like it until the last photo. The gathers at the back look great but I’m not a fan of the front peplum. It would be nice to save it, so do whatever it takes, but please report back!

  8. It looks too big on you, particularly at the shoulders – was it meant to be like that? If you don’t wear it, there’s no point having it hang around taking up space – either refashion (or dye) it or give it away. A pity as the fabric looks like a lovely shirting cotton.

    • I agree, it looks too big and the sleeves too long. I think the peplum is too long in proportion to the body of the shirt and too gathered like Sue said. I don’t think you’ll like it any better black. Sell it to the person above… and like Sue, do tell when you decide.

  9. Such nice workmanship, such good fabric! So hard to give up. I don’t favor dyeing it, because hot water might compromise the interfacing in the superb collar and cuffs. Besides, this crisp material would still be too puffy.

    Two ideas, only if you feel like spending another minute on this. 1) Shorten or remove the sleeves. The businesslike cuffs interfere with the bohemian babydoll silhouette. Or, 2) remove all or some of the fullness in the flounce. Or turn it into a diagonal peplum.

  10. Sorry I t was a miss. We all have waders from time to time. The shoulders are too wide for this peplum style. I think it would look great if you remove the sleeves and narrow the shoulders a bit. If it still doesn’t float your boat, then ditch it or dye it.

  11. Your workmanship (or should that be workwomanship?) is impeccable! I do agree that it just isn’t you and that it’s too big for you. Shortening and tapering the sleeves to three quarter might do the trick, but it is too wide for your shoulders as well. Such a shame after all the effort…a real lesson in finishing off! Might look more Spring/Summer if worn with cropped white jeans. πŸ™‚

  12. It’s beautifully constructed, but if you don’t love it, you should change it! I love the idea of dying it, either black or a dark blue (my favorite color). I recently made a plaid ‘duster’ that doesn’t quite work for me, and I think it’s primarily because I don’t love the color. Pick a color you love and dye the shirt!

  13. It is a lovely shirt, but I can see why you are not feeling it. What about taking the flounce off the bottom and making it regular shirt shaped. I think with a standard shirt tail not only would it be more flattering, but less twee country style.

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  15. This is a very lovely shirt and so well made! I can see why you don’t like to wear it. Maybe it is too big, too? I wouldn’t dye it, probably the thread would remain it’s colour. Donate it or sell it and you will have got place in your wardrobe for one you really love!

  16. It’s beautifully made but I can see it does sit right on you. Maybe take off the sleeves and take an inch out of each shoulder seam – but if you don’t love it can you be bothered! We all have this issue from time to time, frustrating when you’ve put so much effort into it! I do like the pattern though.

  17. Y’know I reckon it’s a little big for you in the shoulders. It’s so beautifully made, I’d pass it on to someone else. To dye it might not take on the top stitching thread. I’d size down and try again in a darker solid….

  18. Try taking off the pockets…they are too far over to the side for your slender shape. You might like the shirt better if the pockets are not there.

  19. I think it’s just the wrong fabric for the pattern. It would be really great in a rayon challis or silk crepe – something with a little more drape to it. If you don’t love it, pass it on! I’m sure someone will pick it up and love it!

  20. I’m a positive person who almost always see the good but I think it’s a dud. It feels weird to be saying so as I don’t usually do so. I’m sorry. I think it’s the frilled skirt front section. I’m not sure what you could do to it expect change it a summery shorter sleeveless or no sleeves. Honesty is good right?

  21. It seems like it’s almost right, but just a tiny bit wrong in one too many ways. Maybe dye it black and see if that does the trick? Or just donate and move on… sigh. So close!

  22. I really like this Lizzy! It looks great with your skinny jeans and the red heels. Hopefully you’ll find a way to wear it and love it.

  23. When I look at the one you love and the one you made, I see yours as pretty, and the other one more badass. Rather than ripping this apart, I think if you made another version in a less sweet fabric, and made it smaller in the shoulders and pockets, you would like it better. Might want to reduce the gathers in the front of the peplum, depending on the drape of the fabric.

  24. I agree with most that this blouse is very cute (I actually LOVE the fabric the best and would definitely not dye it) – the thing I don’t really like is all that puffiness in the front (unless you’re expecting and for a maternity top its perfect) but I like the puffiness/tail in the back! I think it IS stylish though and looks great on you with those jeans and VERY cool shoes πŸ™‚

  25. The shirt is beautiful, it looks chic! And yes, it is not you. I think the shape of it is the problem: it looks like a dress in miniature. So dying it black will not change it entirely. It is very nice done, so it’s a pitty that it does not make you happy. Maybe you can shorten the sleeves?

  26. What a shame you are not feeling it – because you have done such a beautiful job with all those shirt details! Maybe that is why you want to like it – sewer’s emotional attachment!
    I do agree with other commenters that it looks large in the shoulder – maybe chopping off the sleeves would make it more wearable as a casual summer top?

  27. Sometimes after spending lots of time making something well it’s hard when you just don’t like the result. I’m not convinced that dying this will help you. Sometimes you have to accept that you have learned what to avoid in future.

  28. You look amazing in this top so clean and fresh. It is so smart! Wear this garment with a big smile. I am a country girl, after get my MBA, I worked in the corporate world, until retirement And dressed ever so smart. Loved that too. Please wear this with a big smile, there is nothing country about this top!

  29. I really like it! Especially with the skinny jeans and heels (red! swoon). But yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes a garment is fine in itself, just not something we feel comfortable in. Would it be better if it was sleeveless and the sides cinched in a little? You’ve got nothing to lose by dying it or rehashing it somehow πŸ™‚

  30. I think you made the shirt very well, but the pockets add a fussiness to it that detracts from the simple lines. And in keeping with the “simple/natural/child-like” theme of the shirt, it would be better styled with leggings and flats, or simple jeans and flats. The fact that you don’t want to wear the shirt at all might indicate that its style is not compatible with your more sophisticated personality. I guess it’s just not a match. Ciao!

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  32. While reading your very critical analysis of the shortcomings of the dress on your body, I was reminded of a line in Robert Burns poem, “To a Louse”: O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as others see us! You have a beautiful slim figure with no visible flaws, and, as one of your readers commented, the dress looks better on you than on the Vogue model. The sewn down pleats do not overly elongate your body, and I hope you will reconsider your plan to remove those stitches. While skinnier stripes may have been more effective, the ones you chose look great. I like your dress very much, and suspect you will come to like it also, once you have a chance to step away from the sewing table, and admire your work.

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