Sewing by the Sea, Port Macquarie 2016

Struggling to find time to sew? Need a break? Me too!

I’ve set aside a weekend to sew and do creative things – and you are invited!

SEWING BY THE SEA, Port Macquarie #sewport

Saturday 4 June & Sunday 5 June 2016

Port Macquarie - our 'Town Green' on the riverfront, a short stroll to the beaches.

Port Macquarie – our ‘Town Green’ on the riverfront, a short stroll to the beaches.

It’s a social sewing weekend, tucked away inside the Glasshouse Port Macquarie, the region’s cultural centre.

This year I’ve decided to tie in the weekend with an exhibition in the building where I work – it’s textile-related, Cloth: from Seeds to Bloom. I thought it was nice to have something textile-based in the building while there was a social sewing weekend going on. This exhibition explore the distinctive work of Julie Paterson, artist, designer, writer and founder of the contemporary design company ClothFabric.

So bring your machines, your family, sew a bit, sew a lot, escape a southern winter, walk on the beach. No cost to sew or see the exhibition, my shout.

On Saturday 4 June, the Glasshouse Regional Gallery has scheduled a fabric painting workshop called LookDrawPaint with ClothFabric artist Julie Paterson. I can’t resist the opportunity to try this workshop out with one of Australia’s leading commercial textile artists. It’s less ‘sewing’ time but I think it will be a fun and rewarding day. I am a huge fan of learning new creative skills and it doesn’t always have to be strictly sewing related. I am curious to try this workshop and see how I might apply it to fabrics.

There is a cost for the workshop (I will be paying for my workshop attendance and there is absolutely no kickback/affiliate benefits for me telling you about it or you attending). The workshop is $80 and runs from 10am until 3pm (some time to squish in sewing before and after). I’ve seen this workshop at other venues for a much higher price so it is a good opportunity to try something new with an experienced Australian textile artist.

If you think you can’t draw – you are not alone – I certainly can’t (seriously – you should see the briefs I give my graphic designer at work… they legendary). However the images I have seen from other workshops makes it appear totally achievable (don’t burst my bubble people!).

lookdrawpaint2 lookdrawpaint3 lookdrawpaint1

Not interested in the fabric painting – no worries – just sew!


That’s up to you – spend as much or as little as you like. Port Macquarie is a ‘holiday’ town so the choice of accommodation is quite diverse in both quality and price. Once we know who is coming there might be an opportunity to twin share or rent a group apartment (the visitor information centre is downstairs from my office so happy to help!).

One of our many lovely 'town' beaches... and some winter days it is warm enough to be barefoot

One of our many lovely ‘town’ beaches… and some winter days it is warm enough to be barefoot


Let me know via email on sewbusylizzy (at) gmail (dot) com as soon as possible. or complete this Survey Monkey form...

I will need to know who is interested sooner, rather than later, as I think this workshop will be popular and there are limited places available.

Sorry - Banjo can't sew.

Sorry – Banjo can’t sew.

Note: just in case you are wondering… there is no financial gain in this event for me. I pay to hire the sewing room/s (if you want to make a token contribution that would be lovely but it’s nto expected) and I pay for my own fabric painting workshop ticket. Why do it? It is just something I like to do to ‘give back’ and I love how sewing can bring together like-minded people… we just need to get out of our sewing rooms. Yes, it’s really that simple.

10 thoughts on “Sewing by the Sea, Port Macquarie 2016

  1. That’s a lovely idea – if only I could sew, or draw. 😀 And I’m travelling to the other side of the country that weekend anyway. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of interest and I look forward to reading about it!

  2. This is so generous of you to organise, thank you. We are overseas as of the 3rd June (drats!) but will definitely keep an ear out for future events, this would have to be my perfect weekend away!

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