A polka dot midi skirt: Vogue 9090

Despite having a misfire on midi skirts once before, I’m not one to be beaten so I tried again. I had this polka dot cotton twill with a slight stretch from Mood Fabric NY and although I worried about it for far too long, I think I knew it was always going to be a midi skirt!

Mood Fabrics, Stretch denim twill. Vogue 9090, sewn by Sew Busy Lizzy

The front features an inverted centre pleat with two pleats either side.

I loved the denim tones and I thought if I can’t wear jeans all the time I might as well embrace the colour scheme in my other clothes!

Unfortunately this particular fabric has sold out however the beauty of Mood is that there is a seemingly endless array of fabrics and still plenty left in this stretch cotton twill range, including Navy, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, White and Orange. It’s got a nice sheen and body to it – and a joy to sew with.

I adore fancy fabrics as much as the next person.. However I don’t think all our sewing projects to be ‘fancy’, made from silks and high-end fabrics. Don’t get me wrong – they are delightful and I’ve sewn quite a few and loved them, However, I do love clothes that I can toss in the washing machine along with the rest of the family’s laundry. As a full-time working mum, sometimes practical wins out!

Mood Fabrics, Stretch denim twill. Vogue 9090, sewn by Sew Busy Lizzy

yes, pockets

I had planned initially to make a shirtdress with this. However due to the body of the fabric it seemed to be begging to become a full ‘ladylike’ skirt.

I love the midi skirt trend and when I happened upon Vogue 9090 with its fitted yoke, pleats and pockets, it seemed like a match made in heaven. The design provides a lovely feminine shape without ballooning from the waist. I love a good yoke 🙂

Yes, there are side pockets. Nice deep pockets – which are also sewn into the waistband. I prefer these types of pockets as they don’t flap about and make the line of the garment untidy.

Mood Fabrics, Stretch denim twill. Vogue 9090, sewn by Sew Busy Lizzy

I confess I actually quite love the silhouette this pattern creates. It feels timeless and ageless.

I decided to line the skirt with some cotton voile. I simply used the skirt pieces, cut slightly shorter. I attached the lining to the skirt along the waistband, then attached the yoke lining and skirt lining to the zip using the Sewaholic Cambie method.

Vogue 9090 - cotton voile lining

Vogue 9090 – cotton voile lining

I would advise that the 7 inch invisible zipper recommended in the pattern is a little too short – or perhaps that’s more about my child-bearing hips… you may scoff but even my teenage friends referred to my hips that way! I used an 8 inch zipper and it was barely enough!

This pattern is not a fabric monster – it uses just 1 3/4 yards (1.6m) or 60 inch (150cm) wide fabric.

Not terribly smilely – work has been relentless for several months and I’m bone tired. Of course when I went looking for sunlight it was nearly impossible to find!

Fabric: 1.6m Denim Blue/White Polka Dot Stretch Cotton Twill
Shirt: Just Jeans, sorry can’t see the point in sewing a shirt until I need a new one!
Shoes: Roxette Yellow Lizard Pumps, Jo Mercer (I just had to type that – coolest name for shoes ever!)

Note: for this post I received a fabric allowance from Mood to make something of my choice. I blog it over at the Mood Sewing Network blog, then on my blog. All opinions my own.

This post first appeared on www.sewbusylizzy.com

42 thoughts on “A polka dot midi skirt: Vogue 9090

  1. Your skirt looks amazing – especially with those shoes! I really like a midi skirt and this one is so flattering, I’ll definitely be buying this pattern!

    • Thank you – I think it’s a timeless skirt design & would look great on you. I’ve been searching for a skirt with a yoke pattern & this fits beautifully. I’m thinking about swooping the pleats for gathers and going a maxi length next time.

    • I’ve always gone for mini or maxi so it’s fun to try a new length. I think perhaps the fitted yoke, combined with the volume of the skirt worked for me. And the shoes… maybe everything works with them!

    • The longer I sew, the more I’ve come to realise that it’s the everyday things I’ve made that I love the most, the maxi skirts, tshirts – the things I reach for every other day.
      Not that I’ll wear stilettos every other day – but I think it’s fun to add a bit of ‘crazy wow’ every now & then!

    • Thanks Megan, I’ve been considering doing this as a maxi – but swopping the pleats for fathers & maybe eliminating the central pleat altogether. I love the fit of the yoke so I’m keen to see how else I can use that element.

  2. The skirt, the fabric and THOSE shoes all look fantastic! I am also in love with midi skirt lengths at the moment, they are so feminine and classically timeless. Well done!

  3. I’m sorry you’re so tired. That’s really hard.

    You look gorgeous in pretty much everything, and this midi is no exception. I love the lines and the fabric. I have what we refer to in my family as the “Milner calves” so the midi length doesn’t flatter. I bet this could be shortened though to just below the knee. Food for thought.

  4. This shape really works and I think you’ve styled it well. Midi length anything is tricky, tricky, tricky. Nicely done getting it right. I’m yet to attempt it as I think it’s best worn with heels and I don’t ever wear heels!

  5. Smashing skirt, suits you to perfection. On you it would be wonderful with a Bardot top or a crop top, too. And for a completely different look, you could try white flatform shoes. Although the sharp yellow stilettos are wonderful.

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