Seaside Spring Sewaway?

Winter hasn’t started and I’m thinking about spring. I live in denial of winter. I think if I ignore it, it will simply go away. Unsurprisingly it does… after three long months.

Last night I had dinner with Helen Funkbunny and Lee-anne, one of my sewing friends I’ve met through Instagram. I’m always amazed and grateful for the many fabulous and wonderful people I’ve met through sewing and blogging.

In the last 18 months I’ve ploughed through 25,000kms in my car. Fortunately I enjoy driving! During my many travels for work/family/sewing/social reasons, lots of people have expressed an interest in coming to my hometown. So I’m calling your bluff.

A sewing dinner. OK, there was no sewing but lots of talking about sewing!

A sewing dinner. OK, there was no sewing but lots of talking about sewing! I missed the memo about stripes.

I’ve done some initial investigations. I’ll provide a room for you to come and sew in spring (excessive amounts of chatting & laughter is also welcome). I guess it’s a little Seaside Spring Sewaway – just for fun. You can sew as much as you like. Or sew less & visit our beautiful beaches, enjoy the sunshine (touch wood) and have a nice meal or two. It’s up to you.

Port Macquarie is a popular holiday destination & we have quite a lot of big events throughout the year as well… which means there are some weekends when the town is extremely busy and that means finding accommodation or somewhere to eat can be challenging.

My last two weeks of September is taken up with one of my daughter’s (rather obsessive) dancing commitments.

I’ve been checking the calendar and the best options are

  • the long weekend at the beginning of October (3-4)
  • the second weekend (10-11)
  • the fourth weekend (24-25) or
  • fifth weekend (31 Oct – 1 Nov).

The third October weekend is out as that’s a Half Ironman weekend – the town is packed with crazy Lycra-clad people.

From November until late January my work life & end-of-year kids’ activities are in overdrive. Plus it’s peak summer holiday season here – our town population explodes & it’s not as relaxing as a ‘normal’ weekend.

Just let me know which weekends work best for you. Unfortunately I know October might not suit anyone but I probably won’t have another opportunity until this time next year or even later.

I know it’s not the most convenient location but it is beautiful (well to me anyway and I’m happy to share it with you). Port Macquarie is four hours drive from Sydney, six & a half hours from Brisbane – or about a hour flight from either.

Nominate a weekend/s below or drop me an email – you can find that on my ‘About Me’ page.

somewhere to sew?

somewhere to sew?


36 thoughts on “Seaside Spring Sewaway?

  1. All of October is out for me 😦 but that’s okay; I bet you’ll have a heap of takers and it will be the best time! I’ll come to a future one!

    • Alas. So sorry. Would love to have you here. I have so few windows of opportunity, there are Melbourne & Canberra Frocktails as well to work around & Port gets so busy with big events that Oct is really the best time. My next free time is April next year 😦

  2. I’d prefer the first or second. The third is my birthday so we will have stuff on at home. But the last also works. if it’s the long weekend I might bring the family for a getaway and just pop in for some sewing as well. The kids would love the beaches!

    • I’m going to make it a long weekend. Easier for travel! So that’s the first weekend in October. I will write another blog post soon – I’m just a volunteer captain at the upcoming Ironman event in Port Macquarie so I just need to live through that experience!

  3. Well, I think you already know I’m keen to come back to Port! Will need to check care arrangements for my little one and will get back to you 🙂

  4. Oh I would so love to come but it all depends if I can organise care for the kiddies! Keep me in the loop when you finalise a date & I’ll try to juggle something. 😀

  5. Although I was all for this sew away in Port Mac I’m going to have to cry off. My 10 yr wedding anniversary is in Oct and we plan on going away and truly, really spoiling ourselves for first time in such a very long time. Finances just wouldn’t stretch to another weekend away in the same/side-by-side months. But I am guessing I’ll see you in Canberra for Frocktails???

  6. Any weekend in October is fine for me! I am only 40 minutes away from Port Macquarie. I am the non blogger who commented on your instagram post the other day haha!!

    • Hi Kylie! I’m curious – are you north, south or west? I’m going to hold it on the long weekend 3-4 October. It seems easier for most for travel reasons 🙂 look forward to meeting you – if you are in Port any time, send me an email & we can met up.

    • Would be fantastic for you to join us. I’m moving it to the first weekend as it is a long weekend. It’s a bit busier in town as it’s also the end of the school holidays… but the extra day off work helps many!

  7. Oh this sounds lovely and after passing through for a day last year, I am keen to get back. Add sewing… will have to check if it’s my weekend off or not. Why is it a long weekend?? Maybe not in Qld. Small problem!

    • Would love to have you here. I’ve switched it to the long weekend so it’s easier for travel. First weekend in Oct now. Will blog soon. Unfortunately my guest room became my sewing room & the bed is now in Sydney! Otherwise I could host some peeps (although I have tweens). Port has loads of accommodation at all price points.

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