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I’m in the gang along the likes of Winnie of Scruffy Badger, Clare of Sew Dixie Lou, Miss Dibs, Emmie of My Oh Sew Vintage Life, Handmade Jane, Seamstress Erin, Kathryn of Yes I like That!, Rachel of House of Pinheiro, Nicole Needles, Shivani of Pins & Needles, Anna of ::Paunnet::… and Maria of How Good is That also from Australia! Plus there is a number of other bloggers in the mix… so I will be loading up the good ole blog reader with more blogs to follow… because it’s not bursting at the seams already!

Now… in this gang there is no hanging out behind the school toilets, smoking cigerettes and kissing boys. There is no time for such frivolity (maybe just at morning tea…*giggles*) , this gang is spread across the globe… slaving over our machines, and keyboards, smelling of sewing machine oil and covered in stray threads… yes ma’am – we are all about glamour!!

Each month I search through the Minerva site (which requires several bottles of Gatorade as their site is GINORMOUS…. they are one the UK’s largest stockists of fabric, yarn, and all a myriad of craft supplies. I seriously thought I was going to have to send up an emergency flare so someone could find me and drag me out of the fabric section late one night!!). I choose some supplies, fabric, patterns and then sew to inspire you!

If you get such a blogger crush on the project, the good news is Minerva can help you there too! Yes, you too can be just like me and buy a kit of my project. I know it’s going to be such fun, I’m picturing a happy little hoard of SewBusyLizzys trotting about the globe in fancy frocks and whatnot (fret not, I don’t demand that you sew at the same pace that I do – and sorry, I’m fairly certain I can’t kit up my hometown sun, surf and sand, you will have to close your eyes and imagine… or buy a tardis…).

My first project appears on 25 November (five days after my birthday.. just sayin’). I’m excited as it’s going to be The Skirt of Happy Happy Joy Joy. And if you like it – you can grab the kit from Minerva (patience, 25 November – there is stacks of time before Christmas) and on Christmas Day we can all clutch our bottles of bubbly in our SewBusyLizzy Skirts of Happy Happy Joy Joy and celebrate together in a weird virtual way!

I like happy – it’s my favourite state of mind. I do an excellent impersonation of a fire-breathing dragon but I do try to keep her in the wardrobe along with my drunk monkey. So let’s sew and be happy.

Hop over to Minerva and check out all the gorgeous talented virtual gang (if I don’t say so myself) – and maybe you will spot on of their kits that you simply must have… but don’t forget… The Skirt of Happy Happy Joy Joy is coming your way in November 🙂

Mwah… ’tis all for tonight xoxo

27 thoughts on “I’M A MINERVA SHEILA…

  1. Sweet!Congrats! I envy you! Hope to make it to the Minerva club meeting in December to meet some of you lovely ladies! After a trip to their shop a few weeks ago searching for some fabric for my so announced first coat I can say Minerva shop is my favorite one. Everyone was really helpful and patient. Keep picking some fabric then changing my mind. Anyhow. If you are the Clare that Amity from Lolita Patterns is taking about then we most probably meet soon 🙂 Can’t wait.

    Any wishes for your birthday?

  2. You know, in a sleep deprived haze last night I found myself on the Minerva website looking at the bloggers who blog. You know sometimes how you arrive home only to realise you can’t remember anything from the drive? Kinda like that! And I saw your mugshot – and briefly wondered why I hadn’t read about this yet. AHA! hehe. Nice one. I would personally be stressed at having to churn out a garment every so often under expectation… but I at the rate you sew, Minerva will have trouble keeping up with you! And a very happy birthday month to you!!! I look forward to seeing your first creation 

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