SewTiredLizzy… but on the Tessuti train!

Tessuti Gridlock scraps

Yes, this is all I have to show you today! My scrap pile!

I’m staggered towards the end of my Tessuti project. There was much umming and ahhing along the way but all shall be revealed soon.

Thank you to fabulous readers – all your comments were enormously helpful. In particular thank you to Trish who has been become an excellent email consultant/sewing buddy, we have had lots of emails as I dragged myself through the creative process and having someone to bounce an idea off has been fun.

I find people’s creative processes really interesting. I thought I might write up a post on how I get/drag/inspire myself from A to B when I sew. I’m sure we all have different ways of thinking and doing things.

I feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog – this project is just taking up all of my spare time. It’s amazing how much I miss the comments and writing to you. My sewing IRL is a very individual pursuit, no-one really to talk to and throw ideas around with. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the London meet-up on April 20 (Wow that’s come around fast!!). It’s funny that I haven’t met an Aussie sewing blogger but I am about to meet a huge bunch of UK gals! A huge thank you to Rachel of House of Pinheiro who has been organising the meet-up. Thank you gorgeous girl!

The gorgeous Rachel of House of Pinheiro

The gorgeous Rachel of House of Pinheiro (IRL I probably only come up to her kneecap)

In the meantime I need to get some sleep and try to finish Stage 1 Project Tessuti tomorrow. This is a fierce competition – there are some fabulous entries – check out the peplum jacket!!

I’ll have some photos soon of Project Tessuti, I promise! Were you the kid that tried to peek under the wrapping paper of your Christmas presents? LOL I was!

29 thoughts on “SewTiredLizzy… but on the Tessuti train!

  1. you can do it! cant wait to see it finished! this competition passed me by completely but nice to see what everyone did with the same fabric!
    Cannot wait for 20th! had an awful moment where I thought I wont make it but I will be there too. 😀
    Hope you can get some rest before your trip! look forward to meeting you in person soon! 😀

  2. it’s so fun to see what everyone did with the same fabric! that peplum jacket is fantastic! good luck finishing your make, can’t wait to see it!

    • It is very interesting. I must say if the fabric isn’t lined it would be awful to wear. So I suspect if any of those dresses aren’t fully lined they won’t be worn very often. It’s very scratchy!

    • It’s been an awesome amount of work.
      I wish I could meet you so much. The only weekend I’ve got free now is the one I arrive. Shame you don’t want to come to Paris with me 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with! And yes- I really want to peek under that fabric pile and see what it is! The sewing community is great. My family is very supportive but their eyes start to glaze over when I go into detail about my projects. It’s great to have other sewists to talk project progress, etc.

    • No you must wait until ‘the day’ m’dear.
      (I loved it when mum used magic tape on presents because you can peel that back and peek and no one knows! However it was always disappointing when there were no surprises on the day…)

  4. I have to stop myself rushing to finish projects so I can wear them “patience and precision” I keep telling myself. I await your fabulous creation with breathe that is bated!

    • I am the same! Although I’ve learnt to enjoy the longer, harder projects. When I start to rush, I walk away and go back later or another day so I don’t do a dodgy job just to finish.
      I can’t wait to make Laurel. I’m stopping myself starting it right now, I need an easy sew!!!

    • I’m so exhausted between taking the injured dog to the vet for leg dressing every few days, sorting out my banking, kids, travel arrangements, work and I’m struggling to make it to the finish line. I just want to sleep….

  5. When you have time I’d love to hear about your creative process. Oh aren’t those entries so interesting, the way people have all used the same fabric in their own way. I’m very much looking forward to seeing your entry.
    Sorry to hear about your dog 😦 Sending good vibes to help you get to the end of the project.

    • It is interesting seeing the interpretations. Some I think – do you want to wear that? Did you think that would be a winner? And more importantly how many of these garments will be worn?
      I love working my way through projects so I will write up about it – it may be post London as that trip is looming!

  6. I’m getting all excite about your trip for you! Please do make sure you sleep some before you go though. Somehow! And I can’t wait to see your jacket …. tricksy teaser pictures lol

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