Stitched-up Christmas

Ok so it’s already 4th January and I still haven’t blogged my 2013 plans – or even my Christmas presents – or my Lonsdale or my just-finished MacCalls 6611 jacket – or the cardigan I finished knitting – or the lounge cushions I made… if you follow me on Twitter (I’m SewBusyLizzy – yes go figure) you might have seen some of my excessive creative output in the last month. Yes I’ve been SewBusy – although it didn’t feel that way!! Weird.

Good things come to those who wait! Blog posts to come on all of the above.

Today it shall just be my considerable Christmas pile.

First up – the most exciting box under the tree! All the way from New York and from GingerMakes herself!

From Ginger Makes

From Ginger Makes

Yes I had to lie down and fan myself… and get up and stroke the fabric again. Awwww this is going to make such a pretty girly dress!! It’s a deep navy background and a cotton sateen – a fabric I just adore – it’s so agreeable and friendly. I think in fabric store beauty contests it wins Miss Congeniality every time. Some grosgrain ribbon (this stuff feels beautiful – it must be the real stuff), thread, zippers (invisible and ‘normal’ – talk about thoughtful!) AND a vintage pattern. And if you want to see what I sent Ginger Makes – check it out here (don’t get too jealous about the rayon – it was Christmas)… I’m actually seriously tempted to go back and get some of that graphic print sateen for myself… but would that be blog-stalky weird??

A huge round of applause to the beautiful Vicki Kate behind the Very Merry Christmas Swap idea.

Then from the beloved ELH himself….

from ELH

from ELH

Yes, yes, we all love ELH don’t we? That’s the Couture Sewing handbook and the Papercut Watson Jacket pattern (which says an expert level of sewing competence is required. eeek). Once I figure out a way to clone ELH, I’m setting up an Etsy shop and I’ll post a link here ASAP, I promise.

And then from my parents-in-law…

Fabrics from The Fabric Store, Sydney. Double-faced knit and wool!

Fabrics from The Fabric Store, Sydney. Double-faced knit and wool!

Black/purple weave wool for a Basic Design Vogue jacket (I’ve got some deep purple lining for this jacket waiting) I like this jacket, it’s simple & classic. Plus more of double faced Marc Jacobs knit – this time in pink/fawn. Not sure if it will be another hoodie… perhaps a waterfall casual cardie instead… I’ll wait til the fabric lets me know its thoughts. These fabrics are from The Fabric Store in Sydney… oh how I love that shop, such a lovely space – even ELH was impressed.

Then I got a $30 Spotlight voucher. I’m trying to decide to get some sateen for a work dress or some fabric for my Watson jacket (hopefully a wearable muslin). Such momentous decisions!

Then the week before Christmas the delightful Anne of Pretty Grievances sent me a surprise pack with not one but two patterns in it. I knew one was coming but she popped this one in…

from my personal stylist

from my personal stylist

I’m not sure how she knew I strike those poses at work regularly – but there you go! I have fabric already to go. I just love it when someone suggests something for me to try – sewing isn’t just about sewing things I know I like but trying things I think I might like – or I’ve never tried. It’s a journey. Thank you Anne! (pssst I’m going to take part in Jungle January – another new thing for me – animal print!!)

Then on Christmas Eve – I know it’s been as season of decadence (I’m not a big festive eater so I have to bulge in other areas) – there was a package from the gorgeous Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow waiting for me at the post office! A bag and cutest wreath you have ever seen (made by Gillian herself – she is so clever!) AND a needle case. And the bag is in that groovy washi fabric! AND that’s some silk organza as well – the fabric of legend that I cannot buy in my town! Thank you xox.

from Gorgeous Gillian

from Gorgeous Gillian

I have packages for both these ladies but need some time to get to the post office. I had to send Scruffy Badger’s Pattern Pyramid package off this week and OMG how expensive is postage to the UK?? It’s not expensive – it’s obscene!! Does the Queen herself deliver the UK mail? That would take a long time as her car is veeeerrrry slow and then there is all that genteel waving to do – but perhaps Prince Phillip could chip in and toss the parcels out of the window as they go? So I’ll save my pennies for my next overseas post soon, I promise!

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments and wishes over the last few weeks – I luff you all 😉

Stacks of things to blog over the next couple of weeks – watch this space.


50 thoughts on “Stitched-up Christmas

  1. Oh you are too lucky!

    Just two typos I noticed:

    zippers (invisible and invisible – thoughtful!) AND a vintage pattern. And if you want to see what I sent Ginger Makes – check it out here (don’t get tto jealous about the rayon – it was Christmas)…

    I’m assuming you got a visible and invisible zipper, and I’ll try not to be too jealous 😛

    • Yes I was awesomely good… better than I knew! I can’t decide between the sleeveless or the sleeved version for my work dress. Sleeveless probably more practical for me…

  2. I am sew jealous of all of your loot and sewing friends! I have been following your blog for awhile.
    This Christmas started early with the Sure-Fut Designs three kit combo from my beloved. A fabric gift card from my daughter, and a drive 40 minutes from her home to a different fabric store to spend my gift card.
    We are back in La Paz and I have to start sewing and blogging.
    I enjoy your blog.
    I think that two old fisherman on a stubborn and slow burro deliver mail here.
    Happy New Year!

    • It’s easy for family to think up presents when you are a stitcher isn’t it? That sure-fit designs package looks great – that will keep you busy for a while!
      I have so many plans for 2013 for sewing – there are so many things to make and blog about. Happy New Year – and may be be filled with lots of fabulous sewing 🙂

    • It is very ‘me’ 🙂 I’m trying to find some fabric to make the Watson. I want to do a test run before I get some ‘nice’ fabric to make it – I’m a little scared of it!!

  3. I”m so happy that my little package for you arrived just in time for Christmas! 🙂
    You’ve got so many good projects ahead of you – Which to do first?

  4. Love those vintage patterns, did I tell you I bought one…I just keep looking at it and enjoying the artwork.
    Isn’t the price of mail outrages these days? From Canada to everywhere…it’s bananas. You made me laugh anyways.

  5. You’ve been Sew Busy indeed. I’m also smitten by quite a few of those projects and the fabric, but the gift from your in-laws caught my eye (for all sorts of reasons). They must love having you as a daughter-in-law: very easy and rewarding to buy for! Look forward reading about all of these makes in due course, as well as the Busy work you did over the Christmas break.

    • I have lovely parents-in-law and extended family indeed. One thing I did leave off that SewBusy list was an apron I made for my mother-in-law this Christmas – she loved it!

  6. Hello, so lovely to catch up on what you’ve been doing. I’ve been very quiet but I have continued to follow my favourite bloggers (that includes you!). Just wanted to say happy New Year and thank you for keeping me inspired xx

    • I think it’s easy to find perfect gifts when you are buying for an obsessive hobbyist – but yes, all perfect gifts! I have so many ideas bubbling around in my head I don’t know what to sew first!!

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