I have finished the Sewaholic Minoru jacket.

Sewaholic Minoru - good for hangin' around in

Sewaholic Minoru – good for hangin’ around in. A nice casual jacket

and the back view

Sewaholic Minoru - back view

Monkeying around in Sewaholic Minoru – back view

I purchased this fabric to make the Lisette Passport jacket – great idea, until I got home and realised they were postage stamps – not passport stamps. Doh!

Then along came Sewaholic Minoru.

I really like the pattern but I must say I’m not terribly fussed on my choice of fabric (I like the print just not the fabric itself) or my finishing. When I realised the things I did not like, I was ‘past the point of no return’ and the choices were to 1) ditch the project in a huff or 2) solider on.

I took Option 2.

Sewaholic Minoru jacket fabric - postage marks!

Sewaholic Minoru jacket fabric – postage marks!

What don’t I like about my jacket?

My topstitching is inconsistent and looks like I hired a drunk monkey to do it.

Sewing in the hood zipper was just horrendous. I did it three times!! The stitching is wonky. I should have used a metal zip. But no, SillySewBusyLizzy decided to use a pink zip as a contrast. It’s a dress zipper and I’m not happy with the finish – and the hood shall hang out forever more!

Sewaholic Minoru - my disaster hood zipper

Sewaholic Minoru – my disaster hood zipper

No needle seemed to agree with this fabric and worse, the print ink is quite heavy and the reverse is quite light. When the needle pierced it, the blue seemed to ‘break’ a little, and on the inside of the hood (which is only lined on one side because I used ‘stash fabric’ to line it and I ran out) you can see the lighter reverse of the fabric. The hood hides it (I had enough fabric to line the hood). It still annoys the little OCD person who lives inside me. There is a raw edge on the lower edge inside of the hood (that only I can see) – next time I would encase this with bias binding.

The waist feels too high. The pattern calls for 2 inch elastic however I felt 1 1.2 inch was more than enough. I just need to drop the waist down a couple of inches.

I only put in one inner pocket. I don’t actually think I would use the inner pocket much (unless I finished it with a zipper for security like SewMM suggested). But outer pockets? I miss those!!

Sewaholic Minoru - the inner nuts and bolts

Sewaholic Minoru – the inner nuts and bolts

When I washed the fabric and it dried (yes, yes prior to cutting and sewing), it developed weird ‘worn’ looking creases in the blue background. I don’t actually mind it as I look like a parcel that’s been through the post several times… a worn battered package (probably a little close to the truth for comfort…).

Sewaholic Minoru - the fabric

Sewaholic Minoru – the worn parcel look!

I got a bit ahead of myself when sewing and did some silly things – like not stitch across the bottom of the plackets when attaching the lining, stitching the lining all the way down on the front and a few other things. I would strongly recommended following the instructions and using the online Sewaholic sewalong – then it’s easy (Note to self: follow own advice more often).

Will I make it again? Yes – despite all my bellyaching.

What do I like about the Sewaholic Minoru pattern?

  • There are not two-hundred-and-fifty bazillion pieces to cut out.
  • It’s lined.
  • If you go slowly and refer to the online tutorials, it’s not that hard to sew.
  • The big collar.

What don’t I like?

  • No front pockets. I could have put these in – but I was cranky with the fabric and very very tired so I did not worry (a few days later I stayed in bed for 17 hours so that should explain some of my poor decisions!).

How will my next Sewaholic Minoru be different?

  • Front welt pockets or side in-seam ones. I’ll have to wear the jacket for a while and figure out where I would like to put my hands.
  • Lower waist elastic. It is the right size across but the waist is waaaay too high.
  • No hood.
  • Put in both inner pockets.
  • Make a tie belt and attach some belt loops.
  • Improve my topstitching!!

I have stacks of jackets – I adore them. It doesn’t get terribly cold here so jackets are great to throw on is there is a cold breeze or it’s early morning or late afternoon. There is always room for another jacket in my wardrobe!

In closing, Miss 9 thinks this is ‘the coolest jacket’. I was surprised, she’s often embarrassed by me – not because I’m a dag but because I turn up to school in smart work clothes. Quote: ‘everyone knows who you are – they all go “Zoe, Zoe there’s your Mum” – that is soooo embarrassing’. Last year she instructed me to wear jeans, sneakers and polar fleece – like other mums. The following day another mother told me her daughter had asked her to dress more like me – so you really can’t win LOL.

Note to self: I need to dye my hair again. Soon someone is going to realise I’m a curly-haired ash blonde (aka mousey brown frizzball). I’m going a hideous auburn/orange colour… but I would rather pay off my overlocker/serger…

Funniest thing? There are postage stamps from New York, Paris, London – even the Vatican… and then there is this from Australia…

Sewaholic Minoru - there's even Townsville

Sewaholic Minoru – there’s even Townsville

Fabric: $10 metre from Spotlight. Lining: pastel pink polka dot cotton from stash.
Pattern: Sewaholic Minoru from Sew Squirrel


  1. Yay, you made it! Very cute. I think it looks really well finished. Your drunk monkey top stitches better than me haha. Why Townsville of all places I wonder?

  2. I like it a lot. And when Karen ( made her Minoru, I recall there being much discussion about the zipper and the hood. Karen added some nifty patch pockets to hers ( You’ve probably seen it and I’m preaching to the converted; if not, it might give you another take on a good way to get pockets.

    • I’d seen Karen’s jacket but not the tutorial. Thank you 🙂
      I don’t think I’d bother with the hood again. It looks cute but I quite like the big turnover collar by itself. I’ve got a great idea bubbling away for the next one…

  3. WOW! A MINORU? That’s a huge accomplishment in my books! I think you are being too hard on this jacket, little lady – It’s really cute, fits perfectly, and I see no signs of drunken monkey stitching in your photos! Just enjoy the triumph, and forget the teeny tiny flaws. 🙂

    • Yes I need to re-focus on those little moments of joy 🙂
      It is a nice jacket, it just wasn’t all that I hoped but it’s going to make a great knock-about jacket. I love it’s battered lived-in look the best. I’m rather tired at the moment so its easy to get bothered by the little things but you are right – there is a lot to like about it.
      Note to self: follow my own advice more often!

  4. i love this! also the contrasting lining colour! 😀 I have yet to attempt more prominent top stitching, but I do think you are too harsh on yourself. The jacket will move and noone will notice anything. 😀
    I love the little hook to hang the jacket up by! Things like this are all in the details and I cannot tell that you were not happy making it. Still looks like a lot of love went into it. 🙂 The fit suits you as well!

    • Thanks mate 🙂 I do love the pattern and I was far too tired to be sewing it but I wanted to make it so I kept going.
      I can’t wait to make the next.
      Definitely need to do some research on top stitching. Good to have some ambitions for improvement!

      • oh yes but you have a great basis to improve on! 😀 Exciting that you have more plans to make it again already!
        I know that feeling of being too tired but you continue anyway. Resulted in me attaching lining incorrectly recently and spent half an hour ripping it out again. sigh. Glad you managed to get some sewing in now though! 😀

  5. It’s so fabulous! I love your fabric and that delightful pink lining. I threw my Minoru across the room three months ago after fighting with the zipper and placket (trying to match up plaid on this pattern is a NIGHTMARE), but yours is so pretty I might look at it again. Is it bad that I am already plotting a second version when I haven’t finished the first? But the second version will be hoodless – you are TOTALLY right about that!

    • Absolutely not, I’m often planning No.3 as I’m cutting out No.1. I’m thinking fur lined collar next time around…
      I was also thinking plaid on the inside and lapping over the plackets and going for a stud closure – would that work?

  6. Oh I love your fabric stories…the passport stamps for a listener jacket…and the package-type wear from a parcel with postage stamps. Really enjoyed reading this as I have one in my queue, and I agree you are too hard on yourself, youve done a great job, looks ace and is a real achievement sewing outerwear so classy….
    Thank you for your food for thought….just need to remember when the time comes 🙂

      • LOL I was wondering what I was listening about. Everyone’s right, I am being too hard on myself.
        Even my mother did a double take when I told her I’d made it. And she’s a tough sewing task master!
        I love finding fabric that ties into a pattern design or name, it’s something fun for us nerdy/cool stitchers to giggle about!

  7. I think this turned out amazing! Dont beat yourself up over the mistakes, I certainly don’t see them. I have had this pattern since the spring but I never made it because it got hot quick here, but I’m excited to try it out now that fall is approaching! Thanks for all your tips, I’ll definitely be adding some outer seam pockets

    • Thanks 🙂 just go slow and I found the online sewalong really helpful. It’s a fairly complicated and lengthy pattern for the envelope instructions.
      I love the look of the hood but will just do the collar next time. I love the big rollover effect.

  8. It’s great. Really, really great. I think the weird creases in the fabric are nice. They look like they are supposed to be there. I also like the pink zipper, whether it worked the way you wanted it to or not. And my top stitching always looks like a drunk monkey did it.

    • Thank you 🙂 clearly there is a whole community of very busy alcoholic monkeys out there!
      I guess there is always that gap between how you think something will turn out and what everyone else sees.
      I guess I need to refocus on what I thought would work and the success of the end result, even if it’s not exactly what I thought it might be. Perspective!

    • Thank you 🙂 clearly there is a whole community of very busy alcoholic monkeys out there!
      I guess there is always that gap between how you think something will turn out and what everyone else sees.
      I need to refocus on what I thought would work and the actual success of the end result, even if it’s not exactly what I thought it might be. Perspective!

  9. It looks AMAZING!

    And you know, When i have my hood in the collar it’s great because it gives the collar some substsance and I usually fold it over, so the zip doesn’t end up being visible anyway. It’s actually really comfy like that!

    You know what though, I think we have completely opposite body types, as I had to move the elastic up when I made mine!!

  10. The jacket looks great. As far as any disasters, I think once you are working on another project the memories will fade and you won’t be so focussed on any errors. I know I exprerience this constantly.

  11. I could use a drunk monkey to do my bidding. Seriously though it’s come up really nicely, I mean if your kids approve what higher commendation is there?

  12. So many challenges might have had me tucking it all away in a cupboard, never to see the likes of a sewing machine again. At least you finished it and it looks rather smart. Way to hang in there!

    • I’m rather feisty and I don’t like to be beaten. Plus you get to a point when there is so much time invested already it’s better to fix it then give up. And I do love a challenge…

  13. Well done! It sounds like you’ve been sewing up a storm! I love the postage stamp fabric for your Minoru, and the pink lining is a sweet touch. I’m the opposite, I had to raise the elastic height, might steal your tie belt idea for my next one.

  14. I love your choice of fabric. I to have made this, mine is in a hounds tooth fabric. I was really pleased with it, but like you the waist in way too high, and I’m only 5’1 on a good day. I would definitely make it again but without the hood next time, as I have never used it or got it out of the collar. I too don’t like that you can see the raw edges, thats why its why the its never seen the light of day. I just have to decide what fabric to make the next one in.

    • I was beginning to think I was the only one moving the waistband down, so that’s a relief.
      I’m really bothered by the raw edge, so no good next time. I’m thinking about a nice furry collar though! Picked up some ‘luxury’ faux fur yesterday…

  15. Your jacket is lovely and your daughter should be pleased you don’t turn up to school in your pyjamas which is aparantly a developing trend that I have no intention of following!

    • Thank you Andrea – and I laughed so hard at the idea of me in pyjamas at school Miss 9 wondered what was going on. Last time I was in Sydney CBD we walked to the Powerhouse Musuem behind a girl who was wearing a pair of pyjamas – exactly like mine at home. I’m with you – I really don’t get that trend – at all!

  16. I love how you’ve made this in a print! I wasn’t brave enough to do that with my Minoru but perhaps the next one. Speaking of your print… was funny to see the pics of your jackets as my SIL asked me to sew a couple floor cushions for her, with the SAME FABRIC! It was thick but sewing cushions are pretty easy … I can imagine how crazy it must’ve been with the layers/lining!
    The pink lining is so cute and goes nicely with the blue.
    Are you doing a zipper closure on the inner pocket of your next Minoru? Love to see how you do it. 🙂

    • I must admit it always a worry when you use home decor fabric for clothes that one can end up looking like someone’s lounge LOL.
      I’ve got quite a few things in my queue before I get to Minoru No.2 so I’ve got some time to think about that inner zippered pocket….

      • don’t worry, the fabric looks great as a jacket AND a floor cushion!! haha.
        And awesome about your daughter’s comments… my eldest is starting kinder next year so I’m about to enter that realm… 🙂

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