Megan Neilson's Kelly Skirt

The first thing that sprang to mind when I saw this new Megan Nielsen pattern was Frente!’s song ‘Accidently Kelly Street’. It’s a quirky, charming song – rather like this pattern!I wasn’t sure about the shape of this pattern on me. I love high-waisted skirts but I have always worn pencil skirts. I thought the fullness of this might be weird on me. If it is weird, then I’ve decided I don’t mind weird so much after all. Good to try a new silhouette – just like Crafting a Rainbow suggested this week. I like how the pleats are positioned and the skirt falls flat over the ‘junk trunk’ – nice.

Megan Neilson's Kelly Skirt

Megan Neilson’s Kelly Skirt – back view

This pattern purchase was totally impulse (naughty SewBusyLizzy!), as I was buying Sewaholic’s Alma blouse from Sew Squirrel I thought ‘why not just chuck an extra one in the shopping cart‘. And I had seen Foursquarewalls version which totally sold me on the design. ::Paunnet:: posted her’s this week and it’s also gorgeous.

Megan Neilson, Kelly Skirt pattern

When it arrived I was completely delighted by the packaging. It’s in an envelope that seals with a little velcro dot. There is a little booklet of instructions with cute illustrations, and a section for notes at the end. The pattern itself is printed on bond paper and is strong and sturdy.From start to finish I think I was all done in around 3 to 4 hours. Attaching the waistband was very easy as there are four lovely deep pleats and the not two-hundred-and-fifty-bazillion gathers to contend with.

The only change I made was to French seam the side seams. Next time I make it I will finish the pocket edges with bias binding because then it will all be perfectly neat and tidy on the inside. If my house can’t be spotless, my sewing might as well be!

I picked up my buttons from an op shop for just 20 cents. The navy pinwale corduroy was on special at 40% off.

And later this afternoon as the sun was fading and my hair was curling…

Megan Neilson's Kelly Skirt - I never thought a pattern could be so sweet.

Megan Neilson’s Kelly Skirt – I never thought a pattern could be so sweet.

It’s a beginner’s pattern so it’s quick and easy but it’s also cute as a button. I think in a ‘sensible’ fabric this would be nice for work with a blouse, or in some fun fabric on the weekends with a t-shirt. Not everything needs to be complicated – after just completing the Sewaholic Minoru jacket (yes, yes photos later this week) this little burst of sunshine was just what my sewing mojo needed. A little moment of joy 🙂

I’m not sold on my topstitching skills and definitely need to do some research to improve. I almost unpicked all the topstitching but then decided there would be more Kelly skirts in my life and I can live with the topstitching on this.

Thank you for your lovely positive reaction to my last blog post Celebrating Little Moments of Joy. I confess am a slightly opininated person and always worry that I might sound like I’m having a soapbox moment, so I’m glad I did not come across that way and that being kinder to ourselves and celebrating our big/little successes struck a chord with many people.

The chorus of ‘Accidently Kelly Skirt’ reminded me of all the wonderful people I have ‘met’ since I first started the SewBusyLizzy blog, it certainly wasn’t something I had anticipated. It’s a wonderful little online niche – thank you for all your advice, chatter, encouragement and kindness – it’s much appreciated 🙂

Here is a snippet of Accidently Kelly Street (lyrics by Frente!, from the album – Marvin the Album (1994).) Or listen to it on YouTube.

Accidently Kelly Street
Where friends and strangers sometimes meet
Accidently Kelly Street
I never thought life could be so sweet