I feel like I’ve been absent the last week. Sorry about that.

I have been busy and ‘sew busy’ at least.

This week I traced off two patterns, Lisette Passport Jacket and Simplicity 2444 (or My Postcode Dress). I could not decide which one to start first and then Joanne’s Stitch & Witter’s blog post popped up in Google Reader about her completed (and gorgeous) Simplicity 2444 The Portlandia and that set me off.

I’ve just got the hem to go and although I am dying to post a picture I think that would ruin the fun. Sorry folks.

Plus I would like to make a belt for this dress before I take a blog post picture for it.

My fabric choice was odd… but I like the overall effect (not that it looks like overalls mind you!). The print is quite big and the fabric is heavy. I like how the skirt is sitting and I think that is due to the weight of the fabric. And I thought I was a non-full skirt kinda girl, there you go!

My girls love it. I’ve never sure if that’s a good or a bad sign…

Here is a tiny sneak peek. Zipper is now done and I’ve whacked it on the dressform ‘Betty’ (so named because I ‘Draper/drape her’ – I know… groan, stupid joke).

Simplicity 2444 - basting the zipper

Basting in the zipper to Simplicity 2444. Did not follow the pattern instructions for this!

6 thoughts on “SEW BUSY WITH SIMPLICITY 2444

  1. Oooh, lovely! I’ve just subscribed to your blog – You’ve lured me in with Hazel and 2444, two dresses I’ve been meaning to make! I own the Simplicity, but somehow I’ve never quite had the cajones to figure out the double-dart fitting. Yours is lovely though!

    • Hello! I love 2444 – all the blog gushing and pattern reviews are true, it’s a perfect pattern. I found the double darts no issue and required no alteration. It fits me straight off the pattern sheet, I just need to make it a size smaller – pattern ease drives me nuts!
      I found Hazel a challenge, it’s not hard to make but requires attention to fit. Once you master the fit, the design ideas start flying!!

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