Need to stop sewing…

and get myself organised!

Thought I was tricky sitting up late last night setting up my blog (now I am just tired and very cranky). So I logged on today and sighed. There is so much to do….

  1. Organise the widgets.
  2. Clean up the sidebar.
  3. Set up a decent theme.
  4. Write some generic pages.
  5. Take pictures while I sew.
  6. Stop getting my little girls to take pictures of the things I make on my iPhone.
  7. Take decent pictures.
  8. Starting commenting on other blogs.
  9. Start posting my projects into forums, Pattern Review and whatnot.
  10. Make a more comprehensive thoughtful list…

However I am finding time to sew… whenever I can!! So far I’ve stitched two Colette Sorbetto tops (just to get my back into the swing of sewing!), one Colette Crepe Dress, one Vogue 1151 and one Vogue 1236 (love love love this pattern). Yes, in just two weeks.

And I confess I have started a fabric stash. I am also accumulating patterns… and there are so many more I want… they are just SOOOOO expensive in Australia!

Yes, yes, pictures soon (please refer item 6 in list above).

2 thoughts on “Need to stop sewing…

  1. Good luck with your new blog! I agree, so much to be inspired by, so little time 🙂 Have you considered joining Club BMV? I’ve saved a bunch on patterns that way. Keep the order under 6 patterns and they all fit in the cheaper postage category…
    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my skirt!

    • Hi Carolyn,
      Thanks so much for your post. I am now blog de-flowered. I was only wondering today if I should bother with a blog. However you have re-inspired me and I will do my first post on Vogue 1247 later tonight. I was a craft magazine editor in a former life and I love to write as much as I love to sew, so I think a sewing blog is the best medicine for my busy life. Two bird – one stone! Not to mention not a single one of my friends sew (and they think I’m ‘old’ for having such a ‘weird’ hobby) so it’s a bit of a lonely pasttime so I think I need a virtual community.
      I joined Club BMV last time I ordered from Vogue. I’ve bought so many patterns in the last month – especially with the Spotlight 50% off sale – with the additional 10% Spotlight VIP discount. My appetite is insatiable! I’ve just ordered the new Colette Hazel pattern.. and Ginger… and Chantilly…
      Watch this space…
      I love your skirt but I am a little terrified of lengthening the pattern with the flouncy bits…

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