About Me

I remembered someone pre-uni, pre-work, pre-kids who used to love to MAKE THINGS. Anything.

Oh, hang on, that someone was me… somewhere along the way MAKING THINGS got gobbled up by DOING THINGS.

In a former professional life I was once a craft magazine editor (amongst other things along the way). It used to be my job to make stuff, write about making stuff, write instructions, attend photo shoots, interview clever craftspeople. It was wonderful and I loved how craft and making things is more than just the objects, it’s about people and their stories.

Then I got married, moved, got a new job in a different field, had two delightful daughters, and suddenly I was always too busy, too tired, too everything. Too not ME.

I realised I did not want to make craft things any more. I wanted to make things for ME. Selfish but true. So I am learning to sew clothes better, fit clothes, make muslins, insert zippers, do French seams and more!

Sew Busy Lizzy is my story about me figuring out how to enjoy to MAKE THINGS again. Just for the sheer fun of it!

Life is so busy and sew busy. Spare time is precious so why not spend it doing something that makes you happy.

It’s really that simple, right?

You can email me at sewbusylizzy (at) gmail (dot) com

13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You know, you were one of the blogs I had come across when I was just surfing the internet. Reading your posts on the clothes you have made and seeing how gorgeous they were, I dunno. Haha. Made me wonder why shouldn’t I try this? And so I did. And now I see you have followed my very small blog?? What?!
    I wanted to stop by and say thank you. For quite a bit.
    Thank you for following Lara In Stitches. Thank you for sharing your work, and creativity. Thank you for the inspiration. It means a lot, truly!

  2. Hi Lizzy,

    I was wondering if any of your designed clothes are for sale, I had a look and they are all gorgeous!!!

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  4. Hi there!

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