Fashion Star Winner… London calling… vintage patterns…

Quadruple whammy post of extreme excitment!

The Fashion Star Draw

Yes I finally got around to drawing the McCalls 6611 Fashion Star jacket pattern. I admit some of the delay may be due to my sewing room transforming into a complete war zone (me vs the stash – we are currently negiotating a truce).

Shut up Lizzy we don’t care about your messy sewing room just tell us who the winner is… *sniff* OK I get the hint…

The winner is… (courtesy of good old


Blogless Anna wins the chance to become a FASHION STAR!

Blogless Anna wins the chance to become a FASHION STAR!

just goes to show that karma is real! Blogless Anna sent me the most amazing length of silk DKNY last month (that’s it in the background) what goes around comes around!

And in more exciting blogging news (well exciting for me)…


The gorgeous Rachel of House of Pinheiro is organising a bloggers’ meet-up on 20 April at the V&A. We can pretend to be genteel while drinking tea (with some hugging, giggling and squee-ing thrown in). Then onto Goldhawk Road where I shall be happily led astray (really ELH they made me buy it).

Anyway, hop over to House of Pinheiro as Rachel is the fabulous organiser and needs numbers etc. So if you are in London or nearby (which is pretty much anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, after all I’m flying for 24 hours straight just to get to London, thank goodness they allow knitting needles these days) please come along, I’d love to meet you!

The gorgeous Rachel of House of Pinheiro

The gorgeous Rachel of House of Pinheiro (IRL I probably only come up to her kneecap)

So I must race off and start sewing a squillion things (I never exagerate) as I’m sure this will lead to a wardrobe crisis like no other!!


A delightful work collegue gave me the most beautiful vintage patterns this week. It was such a surprise – they were her grandmother’s. Her generosity is overwhelming. How precious are these??

Grandma's patterns - too precious!

Grandma’s patterns – too precious. She must have been a snappy dresser!

Grandma's patterns - I've just realised what the blog accessories department is lacking! GLOVES!!

Grandma’s patterns – I’ve just realised what the blog accessories department is lacking! GLOVES!!

Grandma's patterns - this one is a magazine pattern from Australian Home Journal. I just love that advert!

Grandma’s patterns – this one is a magazine pattern from Australian Home Journal. I just love that advert, who would have thought a rollette rolled on??

I’m so grateful to have them and can’t wait to try some of these vintage numbers out. I hope I do grandma proud.

And just before I left for Tasmania I receive the most awesome package from the Trouser Making Champion herself – Suzy Bee Sews! After my vintage Jiffy post, Suzy contacted me and asked if I would like her collection of vintage patterns that were not her size. I’m still in shock, awe and amazed. However I did pass on one of the patterns Suzy sent me to Pretty Grivenances… it was not my size and she was tweeting about making a jacket and it was just so it just seemed right to pop it into the koala canoe and send it over to her.

Patterns from Suzy Bee Sews: How cool is that skirt pattern!

Patterns from Suzy Bee Sews: How cool is that skirt pattern!

Patterns from Suzy Bee Sews_web 2

Now I just adore that envelope that reads “the envelope contains ANOTHER RELIABLE DRESS PATTERN.

And what did I send to Anne?

A Coat for Anne

A Coat for Anne

Can’t you just see her now, swanning about, gesturing grandly with the adorable German hounds?

As much as I loved and adored this coat… it was destined for another 🙂

And that’s what makes our sewing blogsphere so cool…

48 thoughts on “Fashion Star Winner… London calling… vintage patterns…

  1. You lucky Lizzy, scoring all those patterns! Anne is going to look divine in that coat too. I’m hoping you’ll break my twitter and Instagram feed whilst your in London so I can live voraciously!

    • I am lucky! I adore vintage patterns, they are like precious china.
      I had planned to do some within UK travel – but I did a lot last time so I’m off to Madrid & Paris instead. Can’t fit everything in alas! Shame Australia is soooooooo far away 😦

  2. Sweet stack of stuff. The last two are the best (above the coat that is). Can’t wait to see whic one you make first-last two. *hint* Also *Coming to London (your subscriber base is going to change overnight XD).

  3. Wow, what a great score!! So many vintage patterns. How come nobody at my work gives me vintage patterns??? Congratulations to the winner, Blogless Anna. And I hope you have a terrific time in London for your meet up.

  4. This post makes me excited FOR you! I love your enthusiasm. It makes my day. Maybe you’ll even get me into vintage. Those patterns are just incredible.
    Your London trip is going to be epic. It’s a great place, and adding the blogoddesses just puts it over the top. There must be excessive photo documentation!!

  5. how awesome! such a great happy post. 😀 and so much love and generosity! yay! so cool! i cannot wait til april! will be so great! 😀 better save my pennies now!
    your excitement is so catchy! love it!

  6. Lots of happy dancing happening here in Blogless Anna land. I never win anything! And this is definitely worth winning. My sewlution for 2013 was to sew a lined jacket. I think I now have my pattern! Loving the new additions to your vintage pattern stash. Do you catalogue? The librarian in my is asking!

    • I’m so pleased for you! It’s a nice intro to jackets as there are no buttons OR zips! I’ve still got your address so I will get it in the mail on Monday for you. And cotton sateen is on sale this week at Spotlight if you are thinking of using that 🙂
      I’ve never thought to catalogue my patterns but it’s certainly a good idea. I guess an excel spreadsheet would be sufficient? It would be nice to have the envelope cover as well.

  7. WOW, have fun in London Lizzy. I’m drooling over all your gorgeous patterns. I love the tucked yoke of the brown tweedy a-line from Australian Woman’s Weekly. Lucky Anne to receive that coat pattern. Adorable she will be. I would make the cropped version for sure.

  8. Wow – you have some lovely patterns there!

    I hope you enjoy London. If you get the chance, consider going for ‘Tea at the Ritz’ – it really is rather fabulous and you can wear one of you most fabulous dresses! It was one of the last places we visited in the UK before emigrating to Canada a few years ago.

  9. Those patterns are so beautiful and I can imagine how much you will treasure them. When I have a vintage pattern I always think about what the previous owner was like and how they made up the dress… I love imagining! And I love “old” stuff… -Laurie

    • I love it when they have written notes or left pins in – or when they have only used part of the pattern so you know which ‘view’ they made. I think I will be making the short sleeve McCalls with the full skirt first.

      • Yes! I have a few with names on them- but nothing cut out and I think, Ahhh- just like me, a pattern collector with the intention of making it! Look forward to seeing the first make!

  10. Those patterns are amazing, so lucky. Thanks also for the info on the London meet up, I have gone over to House of Pinheiro and said I’ll come. I am so excited I’ve never done a meet up before so will be great to meet other people and visit Goldhawk road. See you there!!!

    • Oh I’m so excited you are meeting-up! I’ve never been to a meet-up either – so it’s quite funny my first one is on the other side of the globe. It will be a blast. I will try not to be too much of an Aussie!

  11. Ah, I’m so glad you got the patterns!! I really love the dress in the second to last photo with the buttons, but the idea of grading up that far was so not going to happen! If you make anything out of them I’ll show the original owners daughter the photos, I know she’ll love the fact they are getting used (and hopefully all the pattern pieces are in the envelope for you!)

    London will be great! Can’t wait to hear what its like and see the photos!

    • I’m thinking about making the sleeveless full skirted McCalls first. I’ve got a lovely border print that I think will work nicely.
      I was most jealous of the Melbourne meet up! I’ve consoled myself with thoughts of London!

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