As if there are not enough temptations lurking in pattern catalogues, fabric shops, blogs and magazines, the world throws vintage patterns and fabric on Ebay, Etsy and op shops our way too.

I am weak…

Vintage Butterick Pattern

I paid $2 for this but discovered the bodice pieces were missing. And the sleeves! I can draft the sleeves but I think it needs the bodice pattern pieces to be ‘the real deal’.

I have given in…

Vintage dress patterns

Not super old but only paid 75 cents for these. I love the wrap dress – the shop assistant marked it down at the check out to 25 cents! Op shop finds.

Several times…

Vintage jackets and dress patterns

Vintage jackets and dress patterns costing a grand total of $1.50. Junk shop find (and that’s a nice term for that shop!). There might be something wrong with me but I quite like that shorter brown jacket and the green one.

I have resisted buying this several times at Spotlight – even when it was a ‘bargain’ at $9. I got this for 25 cents at the op shop! hooray!

Then there are these beauties… much more expensive but so so lovely…

Vintage Simplicity dress - very Cambie-like

Vintage Simplicity dress – very Cambie-like. I’ve shown you this before but I love it! I’m checking the mail box everyday waiting for its arrival from the US. Purchased on Etsy.

I just love these. I pat them often.

QUESTION: Does that big skirt pictured above need a massive petticoat or horsehair braid or something spectacular to look like that?

How gorgeous are the crossover pleats on that Vogue skirt? I die!

Other scores have included a metre of burgandy raw silk for 50 cents, enough fabric for a work blouse for $1.50, four zips for 50 cents and a few other bits and pieces.

I love op shops and funnily enough the kids enjoy trawling through the cartons and shelves as much as me!

I’ve still got to check the envelopes for all the pieces but it’s been fun so far! I might use some of them in a giveaway at some point but in the meantime I plan to pop them in a sealed plastic slip, take them out and give them a loving pat every week or so.

I’m about to indulge in a vintage mini muu-muu pattern. Why? Why not! LOL


  1. wow what a collection! Sounds like real bargains! Are you planning on making any or do you collect vintage patterns?

    • A bit of both probably. I am going to make the vintage Cambie-style dress and I do love the other two ‘to die’ for patterns and they are on ‘the list’. The others I’ll ponder over and keep or giveaway at some point.
      I’m never going to be a 100% vintage girl or 100% Big 4 or 100% indie.
      I’m a smorgasbord stitcher, a little bit of everything & anything I like. Keeps life interesting!

      • oh yes that is very true and I love that term “smorgasbord stitcher”. And that is what is nice about sewing, you can just change direction or customize items to your liking again! 🙂
        Oh I cant wait to see the vintage cambie! 🙂

  2. Did you see House of Pinero’s post on how many patterns she had- I wonder what your little sprees are hitting at! orphan patterns need loving homes- you are very good to save them!

    • I know! I’m rather terrified to carry out that exercise as ELH reads the blog!
      I often pick patterns up and wonder at the heartless family member that has tossed all of mum’s or grandma’s beloved patterns. They are often written on and much loved.
      Bring the little patterns unto me 🙂

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